Lamb Of God at MGM Music Hall Fenway Boston’s Newest Music Venue

Fans were gathered around the block of the new MGM Music Hall at Fenway to experience the atmosphere of the new venue. They were eagerly waiting to see what it would be like to see a live show especially with the line up in store for the evening.

First band of the evening was an American Deathcore band from Riverside California, Suicide Silence.  As soon as the band hit the stage you could tell they were amped up for their set. Even though it was a short set they came out with tons of energy and were ready to get the fans energized for the remainder of the night.

They started their set with “Unanswered” and went on to play “Wake Up, and ” You Must Die,” The band soon announced that this was this was their first amphitheater tour. This got the crowd screaming and wanting more. Before the song “Disengage,” lead singer, Herman “Eddie” Hermida came to the stage and asked the fans to split the middle for the Wall of Death. Fans then rushed to the middle, heads thrashing and created one last mosh pit before they ended their set with “You Only Live Once.” The fans were excited and wanted more.

Next band of the evening was an American Heavy Metal band from Savannah Georgia Baroness. They opened up their short set with “The Sweetest Curse.” They went on to play a few more songs, “Isak,” March To The Sea,” and “Morningstar.”

During their set the fans were energized and pumped as they listened to the band play some heavy music. They ended their set with “Seasons.” The vibe in the crowd was electric some of the fans in attendance who were not familure with them were seen after chatting how impressive they were.

Next up for the evening was New England heavy metal fan favorites from Westfield, MA, Killswitch Engage. The fans were overly ecstatic to see them due to them being a local band. As soon as the fans heard the first words they were screaming along and jumping up and down. The band opened their set with “Strength Of The Mind.” They brought tons of energy, entertainment, and got the crowd creating huge mosh pits throughout their set. They played a mix of their old music and some new music. The fans were loving every minute. They played songs including, “To The Sons Of Man.” “The Crownless King,” and “My Curse.”

When it came time to play fan favorite song, “The End Of Heartache” Guitarist Adam “D” decides to walk off stage and exit the side door of the stage. While still playing guitar, he heads to the bar and says to the bartender “Ill Take A Shot Please.” Bartender hands him a shot (believe to be Whisky) and he takes the shot. He still plays not missing a single beat while taking selfies with fans in the crowd. He then heads back to the stage to continue his performance with the band. Adam is always a fan favorite with his entertaining actions while on stage, including his clothing attire. Today he wore a shirt that read “I’m With Stupid.”

With fans creating a mosh pit, they were ready to sing along to another fan favorite song a (Dio) Cover “Holy Diver.” The crowd went nuts and screamed every word! To top off the night, Killswitch Engage had one last surprise for the hometown fans. They brought out their former vocalist Howard Jones to sing their final song of the night “Signal Fire.” The fans were in awe and shock to see that he came to sing with their hometown band.

Last to hit the stage was heavy metal band Lamb Of God. Before the band came out their was a curtain covering the stage, where Vocalist Randy Blythe could be seen singing the into to their opening song, “Memento Mori.” The curtain dropped and the band came out to the stage. Lamb Of God gave VIP fans some special treatment when they allowed them to be in the “Pit” area with the photographers for the first three opening songs.  The second song, “Walk With Me In Hell,” had the first signs of fire balls and pyrotechnics.

They bring tons of energy, lots of hair flips with dreadlocks, fire, a lot of high jumps and excitement to the stage. They continue their set playing songs including but not limited to “Now You’ve Got Something To Die For,” “Ruin,” “Omens,” and “Contractor.” Before the next song “512,” Lead Vocalist Randy Blythe came to the mic and talked briefly to the fans about a certain vacation that he didn’t particularly enjoy. This was referring to a previous incident in The Czech Republic he would like to forget.

They rounded out the night with the last few songs, “Ghost Walking,” Vigil,” Laid To Rest,” and “Redneck.” They finish their set and the fans go wild for the performance they just witnessed.


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