Palaye Royal at The House of Blues in Boston, MA

Just before doors opened promptly at 7 pm punk rock fans could be seen lined up on Causeway St eagerly waiting to get inside The House of Blues

Once inside The first band of the night didn’t take long to hit the stage it was Atlanta, GA’s punk band Starbenders. They are currently touring off their newly released debut full-length album on Sumerian Records, Love Potions. Even thought their set was short the crowd still seemed to enjoy them. They opened with “Cover Me.” They played a few more songs before ending their set with ” Can’t Cheat Time.”  The crowd enjoyed listening to them and cheered and sang along to some of the songs. 


Next up was a Southern California native, CarolesDaughter (a.k.a Thea Taylor) She came out dressed in an attire that is unlike any other. She had her undergarments on the outside of her clothes. She started her set with “My Mother Wants Me Dead.” Before the song “Car Keys, (an unreleased song) she asked the crowd to be as quiet as possible for a few seconds. She said on the count of three I want everyone to crack their knuckles. The crowd went silent and after three the entire arena was filled with knuckles cracking. A lot of the fans were seen cringing from the loud sound.

She went on to play a few more songs such as “Please Put Me In A Medically Induced Coma.” Before the song “Sunshine and Roses,” she mentioned that the song was her trying to quit weed. Loud Boo’s could be heard from the fans but she quickly quieted them by saying “Don’t worry it only lasted four hours.”

She finished her set with “XO I Hope You Die,” and “Violent,” The fans were intrigued with her and how she took to the crowd and interacted with them. They were eager for more and cheered loudly.

Now was the time that the fans had come to witness Palaye Royale.  From the moment they hit the stage the fans were screaming and cheering. They brought tons of energy and were running around the stage.

They opened their set with “Nightmares.” During the song “No Love In LA,” the lead vocalist Remington Leith jumped over the barricade to the photo pit and sang with the crowd. The crowd was ready to party and were feeding off the bands energy. They played a few more songs which included “Fucking With My Head,” Paranoid,” and Broken.

During their set one of the band members brought their dog on stage to Sing Happy Birthday. The crowd sang along. At one point in the set Remington came to the mic and said “This tour has had a rocky start and we had bus trouble. We have to take a train to Philadelphia, PA after tonight. This didn’t stop them from coming to Boston to see the crazy and wild fans they were playing in front of. He stated to the crowd that because they were coming to Boston they were listening to a song about Boston that was getting them amped up for their performance for the past four days. They continued their set, “Dying in A Hot Tub,” “Punching Bag,” and “Get Higher.” just to name a few.

During the last song of the night, the crowd was jumping and raising their fists in the air while headbanging. Remington disappeared for a moment and reappeared on the outside edge of the balcony hanging over the stage still singing. This was a complete shock to some of the fans as they were witnessing something so extravagant. This didnt last more then a brief moment and he was back on stage finishing out his set. If you have not witnessed them yet they are an exciting band to see live. They have tons of energy and brings it into the crowd. This made for an amazing night of music.

Palaye Royale
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