Maggie Lindemann Talks About Suckerpunch

Maggie Lindemann also known as Margaret Lindemann is an American singer and songwriter from Dallas, Texas. She broke out onto the scene in 2016 with her hit single “Pretty Girl”. This song also really took off in Europe. In Ireland it peaked at number 6, while it was number 4 in Sweden and then number 8 in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. In 2021, she released her EP Paranoia, which her sound had changed. She transitioned into the pop punk/alternative scene.

On September 16, 2022, she released her album, Suckerpunch. This new album features a great collaboration with Sleeping with Sirens own, Kellin Quinn. We were fortunate enough to be able to participate in an interview session to hear all about Lindemann’s experience, thought process, and creativity behind her brand.

She was asked what made her switch from pop, to pop punk. Lindemann mentioned that her whole family listens to metal and that she has always had a love for this genre. She also mentioned how this was always who she was but she has realized that she makes music and creates art that aligns and stays true to who she is. She is molding her brand into who she truly is, making sure to keep true to herself.

When asked about branding, visuals and creating lyric videos for her new Album Suckerpunch and how they were created Lindemann responded,

“I had the visuals in mind. Whenever I make music, I see things. I see the picture in my head. Making Suckerpunch, I already had music videos in mind, some images in my mind that I wanted to try and do. I’m a visual person so honestly more naturally sometimes than music does”.

She also mentioned that the she loves to be able to tell a story with music videos and that she loves to give things visuals. For her song “Cages” she wanted to give her fans a fun video that had Avril Lavine vibes. As well as giving her audience a new perspective. Her music videos sometimes will not always have a deep meaning to them. Sometimes her music videos are just for fun; her music video for “Cages” is an example of a video that is made for the pleasure of being fun. Her music video for “Break Me” had a lot of deep meaning behind the visuals. There was a lot of deep thought.

Suckerpunch is also meant to be listened to in order. Some of the songs blend into each other. The album was meant to feel like a “progression, from being upsets and angry and then being sad to happy and going through a bad relationship then towards the end being more like how could you do this to me. More about taking back power and ending with “Cages” which is about hope. I wanted it to be a progression of rough to be hopeful” Lindemann said.

Her new album truly tells the story and conveys the feelings many people feel when they enter a toxic relationship and bring in new hope once it ends.

Not only is Lindemann a music artist but she also has her own line of clothing and makeup. She is a true connoisseur of all trades and an artist to really keep an eye. She is a great addition to the female pop-punk artists. If you would like to hear more click the link below.


*photo from Maggie Lindemann’s social media

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