The Bad Bunny Signal is Lit Over Phoenix

Down Town Phoenix was in a buzz. It was busier than usual and harder to find a parking spot. People abandoned their cars in the surrounding neighborhoods and braved the heat to walk to chase field. There was an assortment of clothing being worn; from rave attire, to beach resort outfits and clubbing outfits. Everyone was buzzing with excitement as they were all headed the same way; to Chase Field where the Diamondbacks play.

As everyone gathered near the bars and their seats, the venue was playing a wide array of reggaeton, rap and cumbias. People could be heard singing and talking as they waited for the artists to start their sets. Tonight’s Opening act was Deorro, a Mexican DJ. Deorro also known by his birth name, Erick Orrosquieta, is from Los Angeles. In 2005 he began his career as a DJ. In 2014 he collaborated with Steve Aoki and Diplo to release their single “Freak”.  Deorro took to the stage and the crowd started cheering! They were ready to dance and sing their hearts off. Deorro’s set was fun, bringing in mixes he remixed and his own music to the stage. Everyone could be seen participating in some way. Some were standing up dancing while others quietly danced in their seats. Everyone enjoyed Deorro’s set! It was a great way to pump everyone up and get them ready for the opening act.

The crowd was waiting anxiously; everyone was super excited for the next and final act of the night, Bad Bunny. He was the artists everyone was dying to see. This tour looked sold out. He lit the Bad Bunny signal and more than 43,000 people answered, filling up chase Field. The lights began to don and everyone who was Lilly gagging around began to run to their seats. Everyone began screaming, it was so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think. The stage was beach themed with sand, palm trees, a cooler and beach chair. Suddenly the light came back on and the beach chair was filled. There he was, the man of the night. Bad Bunny!

He started the show off with his song “Moscow Mule” from his album Un Verano Sin Ti; A summer without you in English. The crowd yelled Benito. Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio is a Puerto Rican rapper/reggaetón artist who really came to light in 2018 when he was featured on Cardi B’s song “I Like It”. He then went into the next song “Me Porto Bonito”. He also surprised the crowd early on during song number two by bringing out Chencho Corleone, who is part of the reggaeton duo Plan B. The crowd freaked out even harder! After the second song finished, he went on to sing “Un Ratito”.

There has been a lot of uproar lately about why Bad Bunny is so popular and there are many reasons. He is the most streamed artists on Spotify for two years running. His latest album spent more weeks in the number one spot on the Billboards Chart more than any other album this year. Also, four of the songs on his album Un Verano Sun Ti, also went into the top 10 on the Billboard’s Hot 100. A fan was asked why is he so popular and she had provided a great answer. “He’s a trend setter. He’s inclusive and not afraid to step out of the gender norms. He is also funny and puts Latino people on the map” commented Alaina Alvarado. Bad Bunny’s set ran about two and a half hours long and fans soaked up every minute of it!



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