ONE OK ROCK, You Me At Six, and Fame on Fire Sell Out Boston’s House Of Blues

On the first day in October Lansdowne street was hopping all day from all the bars and concert venues hosting a variety of events including The House Of Blues.

Upon arriving at Boston’s House of Blues the line to get in filled most of Lansdowne street. Once inside the rest of the crowd began to pile in early to catch the first band of the night. This was up and coming Florida’s own Fame on Fire. Although some fans were un familure with their music the fans quickly gave them immediate respect by bouncing up and down and banging their heads and the fans that were familure were singing along. They are currently touring off of their 2022 release of Welcome To The Chaos featuring smash hits including “Welcome To The Chaos”, “Emo Sh*t”, and Plastic Heart, which could all be heard as part of the band setlist for the night.

They are an amazing band that can pretty much do it all they even threw in a cover of Linkin Park’s “Numb”. The Guys ended their eight song set with their biggest hit yet which was “Headspace”. Fans were left wanting more and giving them a huge applause at the end of their performance.

Next to hit the stage is an English rock band from Waybridge, Surrey  You Me At Six. They are currently touring off their seventh studio album Suckapunch. They released their first single “MakeMeFeelAlive” off this album in 2020. This release had a significant switch in the bands music going back to their heavier roots. They released their next single “Beautiful Way” a month later and then two more singles before the album was even released.

As soon as the band started their first note the fans were in to them. Even if the fans did not know the band they cheered and screamed in appreciation for the band performing for them.  The fans were there to rock tonight. They played a mix of songs from old albums to stuff off their new album. Some of the songs they played included, “Loverboy,” “What’s It Like,” “Room To Breathe.”  As soon as they played their last two songs “Suckapunch,” and “Beautiful Way,” the crowd went crazy. They were screaming and singing for the band. They played an amazing show and really got the crowd amped up for the final band of the night.

The most anticipated band of the night was ready to hit the stage.  One Ok Rock (ワンオクロック, (1 O’Clock)  is a Japanese Rock Band from Tokyo, Japan. The band currently consists of vocalist Takahiro Moriuchi, guitarist and bandleader Toru Yamashita, bassist Ryota Kohama, and drummer Tomoya Kanki. Fun fact about the band is that their name actually means 1 o”Clock. They got this due to the fact that they had to use the rehearsal studio at 1am due to the cheaper pricing. It also can be expressed as “10969.” which has many ties with the band.

Although they were playing a small venue in Boston, MA that didn’t stop the fans from coming out to party and rock with the band. They have a huge following world wide and this could be felt as soon as the lights came on and the band came on stage. The fans were screaming so loud that you could not hear yourself think. They were screaming, jumping, headbanging and trying to get as close to the band as possible the entire night. There was hardly anyone in the venue that was not singing or shouting the lyrics to the songs.

This was a sold out show and you could definitely feel the energy in the building as soon as they started their opening song “Save Yourself.” You could feel how passionate the fans were towards each of the members of the band from the amount of energy they were projecting. The band was feeding off their energy and giving it right back to them.  They continued their set with “Taking Off, ” “Wonder,” and “Let Me Go.”  while fans were still on their feet. Whenever vocalist Takahiro leaned into the crowd the female fans went absolutely crazy to be able to get close to him. They cheered and screamed when he interacted with them.

They played two more songs, “Stand Out Fit In,” and “Wasted Nights” before their encore. Once the band left the stage the crowd was cheering loudly to have them play more songs. The fans wanted more! After a short pause the band came on to play their final songs of the evening “Always Coming Back,” and “American Girls.” There was a large Asian presence tonight to support their band. Tonight’s vibe was intense and was a show that being there felt like the band was playing an intimate show for their most loyal fans. If you get a chance to see them you need to get there and check them out. They are a fun and energetic band.

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