Revocation Hits Mesa like Hurricane

The night was young and the sun was starting to set. People were making their way into The Nile Theater. Tonight’s show was going to be a great mix of different metal bands from not only the United States but also another country.

The first band to take to the stage was none other than Tempe, Arizona’s own Dead World Reclamation. The minute they took to the stage their sound was captivating. Their melodic guitar mixed with the hard-hitting drum beats created a sound that anyone could get behind. Their energy on the stage was captivating and you could tell they loved what they do. Once their set was over you could see people making their way to their merch tables. They converted the people.

The second band to hit the stage was a three-piece metal band. Inoculation took to the stage and immediately hit the ground running. What made them unique, was that they were a three-piece band; usually metal bands are four or more people but this did not make you feel like you were missing anything. Their sound and energy were that of a five-piece metal band and the singers’ deeps guttural screams sealed in the strength and energy the band gave off.

The next band to hit the stage was Alluvial. Alluvial is from Atlanta, Georigia and consists of members Kevin Muller-vocals, Wes Hauch-guitar/vocals, Tim Walker-bass, and Matt Paulazzo-drums. They released their album Sarcoma earlier this year.

Their set consisted of songs from their album Sarcoma as well as song from their 2017 album The Deep Longing for Annihilation. and it was a major crowd pleaser. Their high energy resonated well with the audience and complimented the earlier artists. This is a band that you will want to keep an eye on.

The fourth band to take the stage was Krisiun. Krisiun is Brazilain band from Ijui, Rio Grande do Sul. They eventually moved to Sao Palo, Brazil. The band was formed and still consist of three brothers: Alex Camargo-vocals/bass, Moyses Kolesne-guitar and Max Kolesne-drums. The band was also formed in 1990, touring in the US in 2007. This trio came onto the stage with strong and hard-hitting sounds. The crowd devoured them.  They really captivated the crowd, and kept everyone entertained. This kept their energy up the whole show and they were able to connect with everyone in the room.

It was time, the final band was set to hit the stage. Revocation came onto the stage and the house lights had dimmed. The band had an amazing light show behind them. They audience instantly was mesmerized by Revocation. Revocation had previously graced the city of Phoenix earlier this year while accompanying Cannibal Corpse on their tour. The audience was moshing and signing along to every song. The band’s energy skyrocketed.

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