Twin Temple Brings Satanic Panic Back to Mesa

The night was warm and quite pleasant. People were lined up and around the Nile Theater in Mesa, Arizona. Cars were roaming up and down the parking isles looking for a spot to park, while others found other lots to park in knowing they wouldn’t find one in the main lot. Everyone was excited for tonight’s show! It would be an interesting mix of murder folk and satanic 1950s doo-wop.

The first artist of the night was none other than The Bridge City Sinners. This was the second time this year they graced the people of Mesa and The Nile Theater. They had come to The Nile earlier this year and that show was full of fun and energy; tonight, was no different.

The second they came onto the stage the crowd was ready to enjoy some great, upbeat murder folk. They opened up their set with “Through and Through” off their 2019 album Here’s to the Devil.  The Nile was packed from the front all the way to the back. Everyone was shoulder to shoulder, packed like sardines, but that did not stop anyone from dancing and singing along.

“Thank you to Twin Temple for bringing us here tonight. We picked it up so now were going to bring it down. This song, this song’s sad. He’s playing the tuning song, that’s my favorite song.” Said Libby Lux, the singer of The Bridge City Sinner. They continued their set and everyone in the crowd was extremely happy. They ended their set with “Unholy Hymns”.


The lights came back on and everyone scrambled to get drinks and last-minute merch before Twin Temple came onto the stage. The lights began to dim and the stage lights came on and an eerie song was being played by the band. Then Zachary James-guitarist and his wife, Alexandra James-singer came onto the stage. As they entered, they walked to a small table at the back of the stage and they each grabbed a chalice. They began to anoint the audience with a liquid substance as well as pointing swords to the crowd.

The band originates in Los Angeles, California. Then Zachary picked up his guitar and magic happened. The band began to play and they opened up their set with “In Lvx” and then they began to play “Sex Magick”. The crowd was absolutely soaking everything in, singing along to every verse, every line and every word to the songs. About half way through their set they decided it was time to initiate a new member into their satanic rituals. Alexandra walked back to the table and grabbed a small bouquet of red roses, that she passed out.

They picked a random audience member, who said his name was James. Alexandra began to read, more like chant from her book, inducting James into their ritual. Then Zachary knighted James and marked his forehead with a red liquid.

As soon as the ritual was over James joined his fellow concert goers back in the crowd and Twin Temple played on. Alexandra was memorizing on stage; she is able to capture and hold your attention. Her voice truly sounded like it came from the 50’s. They continued on with their set ending the night with two very popular songs of theirs; “I’m Wicked” and “In Nox”. The whole show was captivating, fun and energizing all at once.


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