Noah Cyrus Sells Out Boston’s Paradise Rock Club

Upon entering the venue the fans were lined up around Blaze pizza on Commonwealth Ave in Cambridge to get a glimpse of Noah Cyrus for the sold out show.

Once entering the venue the fans were eager to get the show going. First up for the evening was Gigi. She came onto the stage with an acoustic guitar ready to play for the fans. Fans were yelling her name throughout her performance. She is a fairly new artist and got her start online in 2021. Her song “Sometimes (Backwood.) which is considered a slow-burning tearjerker got her recognition from her fans. Although her set was short she still gave the fans a great performance. The crowd at times could be seen swaying and dancing to her songs, even if they didn’t know any words.

Finally the fans were ready for the headliner of the night Noah Cyrus. Noah is known to fans as the little sister of singer Miley Cyrus and daughter of country star Billy Ray Cyrus. Some of her fans may recognize her voice as a character in the movie Ponyo. Noah also played some small roles in the hit Disney Channel series Hannah Montana in her early years. In 2016 she made her musical debut with her hit single “Make Me (Cry)” She just recently released her debut studio album The Hardest Part and was nominated for Best New Artist at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards.

She came on stage and the fans (mostly young girls) screamed and cheered to be able to see their idol live on stage. The fans were really getting into the music and were dancing and singing along to several of the songs. Some of which included “Unfinished,” “Liar,” “I Got So High I Saw Jesus,’ and “I Just want A Lover.” She sang a few more songs before ending her set with her hit single “Make Me (Cry)” and The End Of Everything. If you have a chance to see her live you should check out her. She is an amazing and talented artist that has yet to make a name for herself outside of the Cyrus family.

Noah Cyrus
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