Lexi Jade Brings Closure to Valley Bar

It was a quiet Thursday night. Business people could be seen walking back to their cars or to restaurants to grab a bite to eat after their long day at work. Some younger college students could be seen walking around. Down an alley that goes seemingly unnoticed by everyone was a small line of people. They were waiting to enter Valley Bar. The show that night was going to be a female lead night with two great alternative/indie style artists.

The first artist of the night was Lindsey Lomis. Lomis came onto the stage with her electric guitar. Her personality was quite bubbly and outgoing. The minute you looked at her, it was a nod to the 90s. She was wearing a cute blue long-sleeved blouse with a black mini skirt, sheer leggings and some platform loafers, her outfit was very Clueless reminiscent. It was such a fitting look! Lomis started the night off with a song, and then she began to address the audience. In between each song she would talk about how she wrote the song and what it was about. Sometimes she would even say who she wrote the song for. This one-man band was able to keep the audience engaged and they even sang along with her. She performed a mix of originals as well as covers. A couple of the covers she performed were “Just the Two of Us” and “Watermelon Sugar High”. The audience loved every moment of it.

It was that time of the night, time for the headliner to come on. Lexi Jayde was set to come onto the stage. She was on her first headlining tour, This is Closure tour. The stage had a cute fuzzy white carpet placed on it and the band was set up waiting for her arrival. The set started out with a prerecording, it sounded like journal entries that gave a timeline of her musical career and growth up until the moment of her show. She ran onto the stage and immediately began to sing. The audience went absolutely nuts. Fans were holding out their phones and Jayde took them and recorded video on them for her fans. She then asked the audience if they had every been cheated on. The audience responded back by raising their hands and screaming. She commented how that was way too many people. She then proceeded to continue her set. She brought a fan on stage and proceeded to song together.

She then decided to tease a clip of a new song she has been working on, she is also in the process of writing a new album. The audience went wild for the teaser and she joked that she was not going to tell then what it was called because it would be too much to spoil but then she caved. She decided to let the audience know her song was called “Bandages” and everyone screamed she needed to release it. She also graced the audience with a cover of her favorite song to sing live, “Landslide”. Towards the end of the show her fans threw roses at her! Lexi Jayde is an artist that loves her fans and is constantly interacting with them whether it’s in person or through social media. Her energy is intoxicating and she makes the audience feel like they’re friends.

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