GWAR Takes Over The Palladium in Worcester, MA

As fans lined the streets of Worcester there were eagerly waiting to get in to the Palladium to finally see one of the greatest live bands, GWAR!!

First band of the evening was a hard rock band from Pottsville, PA. Crowbot.  From the moment the band hit the stage the energy was fascinating. They are currently touring off their new album released in 2022 Feel This.

Lead vocalist /Frontman Brandon Yeagley is known to fans for his power packed vocals and tremendous stage presence. He loves to interact with the fans and at points during the performance he points the mic to the fans so they can sing along.  Through out their set they played a mix of songs some of which included “Dizzy,” “Holy Ghost,” and a fan favorite “Low Life,” They even included a Dio cover “Rainbow In The Dark.”

Even thought they had a short set they got the fans energized for the remainder of the night. They are a band if you have a chance to see need to check them out. They put on an undeniably magnetic show!

The next band to hit the stage was Nekrogoblikon. They are a band based out of Los Angeles, CA. that has their Goblin mascot (John Goblikon) on stage to entertain the crowd during their performance. He was seen running back and forth getting the crowd amped for the night. He was interacting with the band members and the crowd at some points too. Being a death metal band having the mascot on stage made it for a fun and entertaining set. They played songs which included. “Dressed As Goblins,” The Magic Spider,” and “This Is It.” They are a fun band to see Live. They bring energy and entertainment to the stage.

Finally, the band the fans came to see was Richmond, VA based GWAR. If you are unfamiliar with the band they are a no holds bared band made up of unique costumes and filled with onstage theatrics. Right off the bat they get their set started. They come out dressed in their unique costumes that are elaborate in detail and are known for soaking their audience with fake blood and other liquids. It is known that if you sit in the first few rows of their set you will get covered in anything they eject from their elaborate costumes.

The mascot (wearing a GWAR Shirt and suspenders) came on stage first to get the fans pumped, chanting GWAR! GWAR! GWAR! The band pile out and a slave from SawBorg Destructo  comes over and chops off his the mascots head with a sword and gets the crowd soaked with blood early on in their set. All this is happening while the band is playing their first song, “The Cutter.” Their set is filled with murders and gruesome theatrical acts.

Shortly before long, the fans were starting to create mosh pits and scream and cheer. During the set a solider came onto the stage and got into a fight with SawBorg and lead singer Blothar The Berserker. They are seen tearing/ripping his face off. The soldier then sprays the crowd with blood and fluid. The fans are going crazy and enjoying every minute while they are being covered in fluid. They even start crowd surfing and continue to become rowdy.

They continue their set with “New Dark Age,” and Pustulus Maximus comes to the mic and explains a short story about Polly amours to his girlfriend which leads into the song “Mother Fu**ing Liar. ”

They continued with different acts of murder which included President Joe Biden, and Donald Trump, They were seen fighting with each other and Joe Biden gets his head cut off and starts spraying the crowd. They continued with the crowd chanting and wanting more. They played songs including, “Rise Again,” “Bored To Death,” and “Saddam A Go Go”

During “Womb With A View,” they participated in a fake abortion. They rounded out their set with one of their biggest songs called “Fu*k This Place”.  GWAR is a band that you definitely need to see for their theatrical performance along with them being truly talented musicians.


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