Jimmy Eat World Eats Phoenix’s Heart Out

The day was chaotic! People were scrambling to find parking while others were deciding what show to head to. That night was a spectacular night with tons of bands such as AFI, Pierce the Veil, Four Years Strong and Jimmy Eat World performing all over Phoenix, Mesa and Tempe. Lines were going around the blocks and people were ecstatic and buzzing with energy. They were eager to get inside the venues. Once you entered the Arizona Federal Theater, the merch line wrapped around the lobby and up the stairs to the balcony seating.

Tonight’s show was special. Just a couple months Prior, Jimmy Eat World announced a special show featuring The Maine, in Phoenix. The Arizona native bands wanted to do something for their home city since it had been years since they played a show there. They also had a little free time in between some dates for The When We Were Young Tour.

The first band to hit the stage was local Sydney Sprague. She came onto the stage with her band and they instantly started playing. This indie rock band has a gentle and relaxing sound. They are a great start to the concert. Their mellow sound became faster paced as this trio kept playing and they enticed the crowd. The people were loving this opening band, soaking in the moments before other bands would take over. Sprague was the quiet before the storm, the perfect way to open up. People screamed and cheered as they finished up their last song.

The next band to come onto the stage was PVRIS. PVRIS hails from Lowell, Massachusetts and they started out as a metalcore band but switched to pop rock when Lynn Gunn became lead vocalist. Some more people flooded into the room for their performance. Their set was a great one, everyone was loving their vibes and sound. They opened up their set with “Animals”. The crowd sang along and belted their lungs out. At one point in their set, they had a slight technical malfunction and Gunn began to interact with the crowd. They then continued their set with “Mirrors”. By the end of their set if someone was not a fan at first, they were now.

The crowd began to grow even more, people were really starting to buzz. The crowd’s energy electrified the room. The next band to come and take over the stage was the post hard Core band from New Brunswick, New Jersey, Thursday.  The minute they hit the stage; their energy was off the charts. Everyone was screaming and singing along. Thursday opened up their set with “Cross Out the Eyes”.  Geoff Rickly captivated the audience’s attention. His energy matched his bandmates and he was moving around the stage. They then played “Standing on the Edge of Summer”, which was a perfect song for the weather this time of year in Phoenix.

The stage was being set up for the final band of the night. People scrambled to get drinks, snack and merch before the band went on stage. The stage backlights came on and a giant saying Jimmy Eat World was lite up. The crowd shrieked and cried their little hearts out, it was time. The mech land looked like a barren wasteland and the concession stands were basically empty. Phoenix natives, Jimmy Eat World came onto the stage! They opened up their set with “Futures” and then they played “Pain”.

The second they started to play the first notes of “Pain” the audience went absolutely nuts! Everyone sang along, word for word. Even the photographers could be heard singing along. Watching Jimmy Eat World brought back a lot of memories for all the elder emos, while the next generation of emos and scene kids soaked up their parent’s history. Jimmy Eat World ended their show with two of their most popular songs “The Middle” and “Sweetness” from their 2001 album Bleed American. This show was a truly special event for Phoenix and the people who attended.

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