Better Than Ezra Rocks The Wilbur Theatre in Boston

The Wilbur Theatre in Boston is known for drawing in the most famous comedians in the country, but might not always be the first place people think of when they hear a rock show is coming to town. Better Than Ezra, Bones Owens and their fans showed Boston why this is the perfect venue for rock show. There is a huge floor to get an up-close and person or get a beautiful view from up above. Either is a win at this historic 1915 venue that was renovated in 2008.

The first act on the stage was Bones Owens. Bones has country roots, but plays his own unique blend of alternative rock with blues. He has co-written songs and been a touring guitarist for many impressive acts before breaking out and releasing his own music. He played many songs off of his self-titled album Bones Owens including the popular “Keep It Close” that has amassed over 10 million streams so far.

Better Than Ezra has been pumping out hits since “Good” went #1 in 1995 and never stopped. Better Than Ezra took fans on a journey from the 90’s favorites like “King of New Orleans” and “In the Blood” moving into the 2000’s favorites like “Extra Ordinary” and “A Lifetime”.

The energy coming out of all of the members was amazing to witness. Also, you could absolutely see the amount of fun the band members were having which made the crowd smile as they sang every song. Founding members Tom Drummond and Kevin Griffin were having a blast and you can really see that in the photos. Tom and Kevin also reminisced about the period of time they live in Boston in the 90’s which had the crowd hanging on every word.

With an outstanding 19-song setlist and an impressive addition 6-song encore it was difficult to select the pinnacle of the night, but it would have to be when the band played “Desperately Wanting”. They did a fabulous version that had the entire theatre dancing and singing as if they had been transported back to a 90’s party.

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