Deranged Media Interview with Ashley Taylor

Recently we had the pleasure to sit down and chat with singer, songwriter and full time USC student Ashley Taylor

Deranged Media sat down with Ashley Taylor from Cincinnati, OH who is a singer/songwriter trying to make a name for herself while being a full time student at USC. She is attending USC to further her career in the music industry.

She has known from a young age that music, specifically song writing, is a strong passion of hers. While in her younger years her parents had brought her to LA to do film acting but she learned that it wasn’t really her interest and she felt as if something was missing.  She really loved LA but wanted to find out what was missing. She realized that she needed something out of music. She found that in song writing. She also learned that she has a strong passion for R&B. She decided to make her own path in music and go into song writing. She is following her passion and writing songs that express her self.

Some of her role models if you will are Summer Walker,- loves listening to her lyrics and can play her songs over and over and they never get old. Lauren Hills-her acoustic song writing is what inspires her the most and how raw she is. Jasmin Sullivan- she admires the way they articulate in music and find self expression in their lyrics. That is something that she tries to do in her music as well.  If she was to give advice to a young person starting out in a music career she would tell you to Go for it! Pursue what you can if your passion follows you. If you have a love or passion for something you need to stick with it and pursue what it is your passionate about. Stop caring what other peoples perception of you are. If you continue to go by what other peoples reactions or perception of you is then you will never be able to do what you love and what you are striving to get.

Some of Ashley’s dream team artists are Brent Fiaz, Jake Cole, and Ari Lenox. Brent is an amazing musician and Jake has amazing lyrics and she wants to let the lyrics speak to others like they speak to her. Ari is an old school R&B singer and she feels she will learn a lot from her. She wants to have some core people around to help her grow and align with her. She wants to try and bring out a new version of herself. Her biggest struggle at the moment is not have a team/management. She wants to have a team that will grow with her and one that is not already established. She wants to be able to establish a really good support system. It is hard trying to be a full time student, manage yourself, manage a band, book her own shows, and be her own publicist.  Yet she’s doing it all.

She is currently working on a new EP called Do Not Disturb which is coming out in mid January 2023. She has released some teasers “All The Same,” and her single “All Strings Attached.” These are basically to promote her EP. If you have not heard of Ashley check her out. She is an amazing song writer and her songs are an expression of who she is and how she feels. Her links are listed below. Go Check her out and listen to some of her music. She is an inspiration to many people. Cant wait to hear her new EP in January.

(header photo credit Ashley Taylor Instagram)

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