Mercyful Fate At MGM Music Hall Fenway

Metal fans united to see their “King” perform at one of Boston’s newest venues. The line to get in was wrapped around both sides of the venue. Fans were seen dolled in their jean jackets and vests filled with Mercyful Fate and King Diamond patches.

First band of the night was from Cleveland, OH known as Midnight.  They are considered to be a Black/Speed Metal band that brought heavy riffs, and belligerent and obnoxious sound. They are currently touring off their new album Let There Be Witchery.   From the moment the band hit the stage the trio got the crowd pumped and ready for the remainder of the night. Their appearance was the trio wearing black hoods and black masks over their face. They played a mix of songs that the crowd new and enjoyed.

Next band to hit the stage was a German thrash band from Essen known as Kreator. They were formed in 1982 and have been rocking it ever since. They are currently touring off their new album Hate Uber Alles. This album is based in the current way people communicate with each other. It is based on real life as the world we are currently living in. This album was intended to feel like a musical journey from start to finish. Upon entering the stage The Patriarch was heard playing from the speakers.

They came on stage and started playing their first song of the night “Violent Revolution.” They continued with their newest song “Hate Uber Alles which is also the title track of their latest album.  They got the crowd energized and fans even started crowd surfing to their trashy music. They continued their set with a few more songs before ending the night with “Flag Of Hate” and “Pleasure To Kill.”


The final band of the evening and one the fans came to see was Danish metal band from Copenhagen, Mercyful Fate. The stage setup was set as a Cathedral like look. It had ivory steps and an upside down cross hanging above the drum set.

As soon as lead singer “King Diamond, came on the stage fans began to scream and yell. He was seen wearing a red suit and a Ram’s head mask on his head covering the top of his face. They opened their set with ” The Oath.” “A Corpse Without A Soul” was next and this got the fans pumped. The fans were screaming and cheering as King Diamond had changed his outfit now appearing without his mask and wearing his signature makeup and crown. His microphone was unique as it in the shape of cross made out of bones.

They continued their set with “The Jackal of Salzburg,” Curse of the Pharaohs,” and “A Dangerous Meeting.” The crowd was energized and crowd surfing and enjoying the live music. After all the years they still sound amazing and his vocals are just as high as ever. The later part of their show consisted of their more popular songs that really got the crowd into it.  They played “Melissa,” Black Funeral,” “Evil,” and ended their set with “Come To The Sabbath.” Their was a one shot encore and they came out to play their final song of the evening “Satan’s Fall.” They put on an amazing show and fans were not disappointed.


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MGM Music Hall Fenway
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