Whitechapel and Khemmis Bring The Doom

The night was cold and rainy on this November night. Walking up to The Van Buren you couldn’t tell there was a show happening that night. People were trickling in, seeing them slowly coming in you wouldn’t believe that by the end of the night the venue would be packed. The show was about to be a great one. The night was going to be filled with different genres of metal, truly a magical night.

The first band to perform was Khemmis, who hails from Colorado. Khemmis formed in 2012 and their current line up consists of Zach Coleman-drums, Phil Pendergast-guitar/vocals, Ben Hutcherson-guitar/vocals, and David Smith-bass. This doom metal band has high energy that really gets the crowd going. They opened up their set with “Avernal Gate”. The band captured everyone’s attention from the very start of their set. They jumped, and moved all over the stage. The band interacted with the audience in between songs as well as interacting with each other while they were performing. You could tell that the band fed off of each other’s energy but they also fed off of the band’s energy. They ended their set with their song “A Conversation with Death”, off their 2020 album Doomed Heavy Metal.

The next band to capture the audience was Whitechapel. This Tennessee native band opened up their set with “I Will Find You”. The crowd had grown exponentially by this time and you could hear the echoes of the fans singing along. Everyone’s energy could be felt in the room, it was electrifying. They then played “Anticure” and “Orphan” off their 2021 album Kin. The band really knew how to take command of the stage. Although they do not interact with the audience much, they know how to keep the fans entertained. The audience could feel the bands heart and soul being poured into the music.

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The Van Buren
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