Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 at RedFlag in St. Louis, Mo

Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 lands her spaceship at RedFlag to visit her adoring fans.

NYC based drag performer Lagoona Bloo started the night on a different hue. Rocking tracks from her EP “Aqua” Lagoona’s soft voice soothed the crowd and had them under her mermaidian spell in no time. Through the matching Title track to “Game Boy” and “Bedroom Song” the chilly crowd was all warmed up for the night. Peppered into the set were humble messages of reassurance, of confidence, of strength which the timing couldn’t have been better for.

After the set a very tall and slender and not yet baked Alaska Thunderfuck came out in cute pink Crocs. Something was amiss. Sitting down she vulnerably shared feelings of hesitancy in letting the show go on. The recent tragedy at Q5 in Colorado was still a gaping hole in her very being – and many of ours as well. You could feel the palpable conflict in performing to heal oneself and others yet the longing for the quiet to reflect in what is another senseless and selfless act of hate against our community. In the end she elected to paint our town RED with Filth but not without a moment to share in a message that can’t go unspoken. So she vowed to rock our world to the excitement of the packed venue and that she did.

Alaska dropped down from parts unknown and enthralled the well-attended venue to many a ‘yaaaaaaaaaas’ in response. Over a dozen songs performed including “Beautiful Night”, “22” and “Wow” the Queen, dancers and music bumped and grinded through the end with “Red” appropriated closing the show. Even Ms. Lagoona Bloo made an encore performing with the All Star. Our world is in this state of unrest and has been for some time now. Through two years of a pandemic we were all but void of entertainment and shows like this fully serve as a reminder of what gets us through. Musicians like Alaska who use their art to entertain and for us to escape through as we all just try to navigate our very filthy world.

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