Jinjer and P.O.D played to a crowded House of Blues in Boston, MA

It was a cold night in Boston, fans slowly filled the venue throughout the first two opening bands which led to a nearly sold out venue on this Sunday night.

The first band of the night was Space of Variations. The band was an Ukrainian metalcore band which not as much of a following as the headliners of the night. The crowd was on the more quiet side because not as many people had heard of the band before but they did have some interaction. There was a brief moment in between songs where the vocalist thanked everyone for their support on the Ukrainian war, touching on how hard it is at their home right now and urging the fans to reach out their loved ones after the show. The crowd cheered in response. By the end of the show, the band’s music and energy had won over the crowd and they definitely gained some new fans.

The next band up was Vended. As the band said twice during their set, they’re from Des Moines, Iowa. The five piece band was wearing costumes while performing like masks and a shirtless vocalist with body paint. Their stage presence and music both were what you would imagine with their look, larger their life and entertaining. There was much headbanging and rocking out both on stage and in the crowd. The crowd’s response was clear that they were enjoying the music and rocking out with the band.

Next up was the classic band, clearly a band that some fans came for just as much as the headliner, was P.O.D.. This American Christian nu metal band has been around since 1992 and it is a no brainer that they have many hits that their fans were eager to see them play live. The moment the band stepped onto the stage, the crowd was screaming before they had even played a note, eager for their set. They played their hit songs such as “Youth of the Nation” and “Satellite” to the happy fans. There was people in the crowd belting out the song in return as the vocalist bounced around stage with endless energy. Their 30 years as a band has clearly given them experience in putting on a seamless show and commanding the crowd’s attention.

Finally, the stars of the night hit the stage – Jinjer. The crowd reached an all time high in their excitement as the crowd walked onto the stage. The crowds cheers and screams were even more than they had been for the previous band. The moment the band’s vocalist Tatiana Shmailyuk stepped onto stage, the energy in the room reached the highest level of excitement. She was the star of their set for their entire set. Guitarist Roman Ibramkhalilov and bassist Eugene Abdukhanov held down their sides of the stage with the occasional headbang and moving around to amp up the stage but Tatiana commanded the stage and everyone’s eyes were drawn to her.

Even watching the band live, it is hard to believe that the range of smooth near perfect clean vocals and the deep demonic sounding unclean vocals come from the same person – let alone, one who comes in the package of a such a beautiful woman. The band’s instrumentals and vocals were both spot on and perfection their entire set, every match matching their recorded songs. Despite the spot on performance sound wise, the vocalist was able to move around the stage throughout their set. She went from bouncing and dancing around their stage and headbanging, whipping her three braids around, to her deep growls while standing in the center of the stage.

The band played their hits such as “Pisces”, “Teacher, Teacher!”, “Judgement (& Punishment)”, “Who Is Gonna Be The One”, and more. The encore of the night was “Captain Clock” which the crowd was thrilled to hear but there was obviously some fans sad to see the show end. The crowd did everything from mosh, crowdsurf, loudly sing along, cheer and all that with almost no prompting. One thing is clear – Boston clearly loves Jinjer.

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