Nickelback Plays First Show In New England Area In Over Three years

On a windy night in Connecticut at Foxwoods Resort fans were eagerly awaiting to see Nickelback for the first time in over 3 years since their last tour.

First band of the night was a band from Nashville, TN The Criticals. They were formed in 2018 by members Parker Forbes and Cole Shugart. They played a short set but they still got the crowd pumped and ready for the night.
They currently have 2 new EP’s, The Criticals on Audiotree and United States of Chemicals.

Finally, the band the fans have waited 3 years to see live Nickelback was set to take the stage. This was their final show of the mini three date tour. The mini tour featured stops in Toronto, CAN, Sayreville, NJ and Foxwoods Casino. This is the first time the band has played together since 2019. As soon as they hit the stage the fans were cheering and screaming. The first song of the night was San Quentin which is off their latest album Get Rollin. 

Lead singer Chad Kroeger came to the mic to address the crowd. “He started with saying how good it is to be back on stage playing live. Thanks for coming out of the the third night of watching us the dust off. We decided that right around the release of the new record, anyone hear that we have a new record. I like to hear. We thought we would do a couple of shows, we thought we would end it with you tonight. It was my birthday a few nights ago and we haven’t fully celebrated I am hoping that will happen tonight. Lets go back a little bit here, back to album All The Right Reasons,” The band starts the intro for “Savin Me.”

Chad comes back to the Mic and says to a fan “it always freaks me out when I see a fan your age in the front row. I should probably watch my mouth. He noticed a fan in the front row was a 9 year old fan that he met at the meet and greet. It is his first time seeing Nickelback. The reason you are all here tonight is so we can all get in a room together and sing. We can see from a long ways away that you have either fell out of love or fell in love with one of our songs. For those of you born in a certain era Fairly recently you would say look at this graph for the rest of us its Photograph.” The band then goes into the next song Photograph.

Chad comes back to the mic again and says ” It is time for a shot. Time for a drinkie drinkie. What are we drinking tonight? Its probably going to be the same we have been drinking the past 15 years -Yager bombs. That taste like a party in a glass. Are we settled in? The first couple songs we haven’t played in years. They go into the next two songs “Animals” and “Someday. Before the song “Far Away,” he explains to the crowd that he wrote the song for the ladies but the guys seem to sing it louder. So let me ask you who do you think sings it louder?

Before the song “Rockstar” Chad comes to the mic yet again and says he feels a little rock star karaoke coming on. We are in NY and they take us over to Bar Stool Sports. They say you have to meet your biggest all time fan. He is in the building his name is Glenny Balls. Chad says to the Glenny why don’t you come up on stage in Foxwoods and help us sing “Rockstar.” Glenny made the trip and went up on stage during the song “Rockstar” and totally rocked singing with them.  The crowd went crazy yelling his name and singing along. The fans were loving him.

The band continued the night with “When We Stand Together,” Those Days,” Gotta Be Somebody,” and rounded out the night with “How You Remind Me,” at the beginning of the song fans rushed the stage to get close to the stage. At this venue it is a seated venue so the security was trying to get everyone back in their seats.  Once everyone was back in their seats they finished their night with “Burn It To The Ground.”


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