I Prevail headline the “True Power” Tour at a sold out MGM Fenway

The MGM Music Hall at Fenway has only been around now for a short time, but they absolutely know how to bring the acts Boston wants to see. This gorgeous new venue was sold out again for the True Power tour featuring I Prevail, Pierce the Veil, Fit for a King, and Stand Atlantic.

Stand Atlantic was originally formed in Sydney Australia and now has 3 studio albums under their belt. Their latest album is entitled f.e.a.r. (fuck everything and run) produced the hit “deathwish” that received a massively positive reaction at the MGM Fenway show.

Stand Atlantic is classified as pop punk, but they definitely bring their own blend of heavy rock mixed with pop and punk. Lead singer Bonnie Fraser brought the energy and vocal power that not only started things off strong, but also set the bar high for the acts that were to follow. Impressively Stand Atlantic has already announced a headlining tour they are bringing to Boston at the Paradise Rock Club coming in the spring of 2023.

The metalcore band Fit for a King was the second band of the night and they came out swinging with their track “Eyes Roll Back”. Lead singer, Ryan Kirby, knows how to hit those deep screaming metal notes while also contrasting with exquisitely melodic sounds in the same song. Many of the tracks played were from the 2022 album The Hell We Create including “Times Like This” and “End (The Other Side)” both of these tracks highlight the amazing guitar riffs Fit for a King is capable of producing.

Pierce the Veil was the support for this particular tour, but they had an enormous fan base that came out to support them in Boston. Their sound can be described as mostly post-hardcore with some metalcore and lots of emo mixed in. Pierce the Veil has been on the scene since 2006, but is still pumping out music. In fact, they have an album ready to drop in February 2023.

The floor of the MGM Music Hall at Fenway was jammed packed, but that didn’t stop the fans from creating a gigantic mosh pit. The band was feeding off of this energy and never slowed down a beat. Some of the fan favorite songs were “A Match Into Water” and the song that closed out their set “King for a Day” both of those songs come from their popular Collide With The Sky album. This absolutely had the crowd amped up and ready for the headliner.

The headliner, I Prevail, took the stage and the crowd went absolutely wild. I Prevail has perfected the art of blending gorgeous melodies with powerful metal to produce something wonderful. It’s hard to believe their album TRUE POWER only came out earlier this year because they started their set off with many of the hits from that album including “Body Bag” and “Bad Things” that get tons of very well-deserved airtime.

I Prevail does an admirable job of being completely open with their fans. Whether that’s on social media or on stage in front of a sold-out crowd. Vocalists Eric Vanlerberghe and Brian Burkheiser do not hold anything back when discussing personal traumas and Eric even discussed losing a friend to suicide which was an inspiration behind one of their songs.

As the night continued on and the energy level remained at an eleven the band played “Scars” and “Hurricane” to their fans that screamed out every single word. After the 14-song set ended fans were hungry for more and were extremely excited for two encores. The first encore was “Gasoline” and the second is arguably their most popular track “Bow Down” from the album TRAUMA. Everything about this song is perfection and highlights the areas where I Prevail truly excels.

It is amazing to witness the rise of I Prevail and the sold-out crowd is a good indication that Boston loves this band and will be ready for their return.

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