The Classless Act Blows Fans Away with High Energy Performance in Dallas

Fans filled out Amplified Live quickly, despite the cold wind that Texas rarely gets, excited for a night of fun and energizing live music.

To start the night out, Dallas native band, Nygma opened the stage with just absolutely invigorating energy. They describe their music as “2000’s hardcore”. Their tempo changes were wild and erratic and got the crowd hyped up for sure. The members are multi-talented instrumentalists. Halfway through their set, the guitarist handed off his guitar to the vocalist and took the microphone for himself while the vocalist produced some gnarly riffs. The crowd was jumping and headbanging as their melodies and bass echoed throughout the venue, making it a rocking way to begin the night.

Next up to grace the audience with their talent was The Roomsounds. The Roomsounds is a Rock band that’s been compared to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and even The Rolling Stones in the past. The crowd absolutely loved them. They are very creative and innovative when it comes to meshing genres in their newer songs, making for the perfect sound that resonates to their true selves and the audience. The best part of seeing The Roomsounds is for sure their genuine love for their craft. With sincere lyrics and catchy melodies, The Roomsounds is band you should definitely be on the look out for.


Finally, the band that the crowd had been anxiously anticipating seeing, ran out on stage with enough energy to make the Earth burst. Classless Act is a good ole Rock N Roll band formed in 2018, consisting of members who met on the internet; one of their guitarist even being from right here in Dallas. Their music has nostalgic remnants of the past while also having components of today and the future, making them the perfect balance for a crowd composed of all ages. Their songs have so much energy and power and it truly reflects in their live performance. They are an insanely fun band to watch. The crowd went absolutely nuts during every single song they played. Classless Act has really built their fanbase and cultivated a genuine artist to fan relationship within said fanbase. Classless Act is really on the way up to being the next big thing, touring alongside with bands like Motley Crue and Def Leppard. They even have a song that features Vince Neil, vocalist of Motley Crue. Classless Act played a set to remember, performing songs like “Classless Act”, “Give It To Me”, “Time To Bleed”, and the rest of the entirety of their debut album, Welcome To The Show.

The crowd chanted and raved for an encore, so in true Rockstar like fashion, they ran back on stage. The whole entire band swapped instruments, showing how truly talented these guys are. They played two more songs for an encore, closing their set with Christmas Classic song, “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” all while vocalist, Derek Day, sported the most adorable Santa Claus hat, making it the perfect choice for an encore, given the time of the year. If you ever get a chance to see Classless Act, do not let it slip through your fingers because Classless Act is promised to make your head spin with their punchy lyricism and spunky musicianship.


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