Mix 104.1 Deck The Hall Ball featuring OneRepublic at Boston’s MGM Music Hall

As the holidays are approaching Boston radio station Mix 104.1 threw their annual Deck The Hall Ball featuring OneRepublic. Hosting to a Sold Out Crowd at one of Boston’s Newest venue MGM Music Hall Fenway. 

Before the show starts the Dj’s Karson and Kennedy from Mix 104.1 come to the stage to announce the bands of the night. They first announced Dermot Kennedy. He is an Irish singer /songwriter from Dublin Ireland. His music is a bridge of two genres folk and hip hop together. He started his career at the young age of 17 but didn’t really get noticed until his mid-twenties. Even thought his set was short he got the fans excited for what was to become a great night of music, dancing, and all around excitement. Fans were screaming for him and excited to see him live. He played a short 5 song set  some of which included, “Lost,” “Better Days,” and he ended his set with “Something To Someone.” 

Karson and Kennedy again came to the stage to show appreciation to the Military and the Toys for Tots. They had a goal to meet 10K toys. They brought on stage Andrew a Marine sergeant and John from Keches Law Group which is the main sponsor of this event. They then began to reveal the number of toys which is 9,012. Karson then asked John if he was willing to help to reach their goal. John said sure whatever you want and they then revealed the new number which was 10,012 toys donated for the Toys for Tots. This got the crowd excited knowing they met their goal to deliver toys to needing families through out the local areas for Christmas. The fans clapped and cheered as Karson announced the next band of the night Andy Grammer.

Andy came to the mic and did a short spoken word poem for the fans before he started his short set. He had the fans intrigued as he spoke and were waiting eagerly for him to start. He then went on to play “Don’t Give Up On Me.” Through out his set he played a mix of his songs which included a Christmas song and some of his other hit songs. His songs included a few of hits that the fans knew and were singing and cheering to. He played his second single from his second album “Honey I’m Home.” He ended his set with “Keep Your Head Up.” He got the fans pumped and they were loving every second.

In Between sets DJ Erin O’Malley came out on stage and had a brief chat with the fans. She started out by saying they gave me nothing to talk about so when I have nothing to talk about I usually talk about a feel good story. She stated that 4.5 years ago she found out she had cancer and went to Dana Farber cancer. She has now beaten it. She says it is important for everyone to check yourselves for anything that feels different. She went on to thank the sponsors and Karson and Kennedy for the donations and support for the night. She then announced the next performer Band Camino. The fans screamed loud and cheered.

Band Camino is an American band from Memphis, TN. Their sound is a mix of Indie Rock and Electropop. They have a unique sound one of which the fans love. From the moment they hit the stage the fans were loud and overly excited. They started their night with “Know It All.” They went on to play a number of their hits which included, “I Think I Like You,” “Never A Good Time,” which is a cover song from NOTD. “Haunted.” and “1 Last Cigarette.” They ended their set with “Daphne Blue.” The fans were cheering and were excited for the rest of the night.

In Between the final set DJs Greg Daniels and Fast Freddy came to the stage to announce the final band of the evening and the one the fans came to see OneRepublic. They are an American rock band from Colorado Springs, CO. They got their start of fame from the infamous My Space and from then on it has been a fast track to stardom. They started their set off with “Secrets.” From the time the band hit the first note the fans were on their feet cheering, screaming and jumping to see the band perform for them live.

Lead singer Ryan Tedder mentioned at one point during the first few songs that he hopes they were not expecting to see Harry Styles come on stage. We are not One Direction we are OneRepublic. There is a difference. We have been around a lot longer. The fans laughed and cheered. They played some of their original songs then went on to play a few cover songs they co-wrote for other artists. These included a Beyoncé cover “Halo,” a Leona Lewis cover, “Bleeding Love,” an Ellie Goulding cover “Burn” an Adele Cover “Rumor Has It,” and A Lil Nas X cover “That’s What I Want.”

They played the next few songs that the fans knew so they were singing along and jumping. During their set there was a fan in the audience that kept screaming “play apologize.” Ryan told her we will get to it. ” So for the final few songs they played “Apologize,” which Ryan dedicated to the fan in the audience, “I Lived,” and then the final song of the evening, the bands biggest song, “Counting Stars.” This was a night that the fans will remember as it was a time to appreciate and honor the military and give back to those less fortunate. This was to benefit a great cause and they surpassed their goal for Toys for Tots. 

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