deadmau5 brings the We Are Friends tour to the MGM Music Hall at Fenway

Currently the Boston-Fenway area is bustling with the Winter Classic hockey rink being built at Fenway Park. All of the excitement in the area did not distract the EDM (electronic dance music) crowd from showing up in droves to the MGM Music Hall at Fenway. When you think of the EDM genre there are few names bigger than deadmau5. Boston was lucky to have him and his We Are Friends tour come through before the end of 2022.

The first act up for the night was Morgin Madison. He got the crowd warmed up which is honestly a challenging task at the start of an EDM show. The dance party doesn’t always show up at 6:30pm, but as more of the crowd started to arrive Morgin Madison was there with his energy and hits like “Drifter” to get everyone loosened up and ready for a full night of dancing.

The duo Kasablanca was up next and started off their set with their 2020 track “Be There”. Throughout the last two years Kasablanca has been grinding out solid tracks including one of their most popular songs “Run”. These two men have clearly been hard at work and it’s paying off. They had the crowd in their hands the entire 13-song set and it will be interesting to see if there will be more new music from them in 2023.

NERO is a British trio who impressively won a Grammy for a collaboration with Skrillex. For this tour it was just one of the members, Joseph Ray. This was a treat for long-time fans a treat to experience NERO’s music in a way they’re not used to experiencing it.

Now that the crowd has sufficiently been warmed up it was time for the headliner deadmau5 to make his way behind the DJ cube. For quite a long time at this show deadmau5 was going without his iconic mouse headpiece and bringing it as himself, Joel Zimmerman. He absolutely showed he can get the crowd going regardless of the headpiece or visuals. He also knows how to amp the crowd up though and just as we thought we might not see that mask he pulled it out from under his turntables and the crowd went wild. There are many versions of this mask and in Boston he brought out a black mouse head with a gold bright smile that you could see when the light hit it just right. deadmau5 has continued to prove that he knows how to fill a dance hall and command the people to dance at his will.

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MGM Music Hall at Fenway
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