Classless Act Ends The Year Strong on the West Coast

It was a quiet night in Phoenix. People were still on vacation, traveling and visiting family for the holidays. Those who stayed in town were at home or walking the streets of downtown to find food or events to go to. Once you entered the doors to Valley Bar, you would walk downstairs to this basement bar. The music was starting to flow from their show room.
The showroom was not too packed. People were scattered all about, watching the band with drinks in their hand. The first band to hit the stage was Arizona locals, Mill’s End. The band had a unique folksy rock sound. The audience really enjoyed the music they were putting out. The band opened up with their song “Fighat”. During one of their songs, their guitarist traded in his guitar for a mandolin. They interacted with the audience quite a few times during their set. At one point a member of the audience mentioned how beautiful their bassists bass was and that they wanted it. The singer responded with how that’s what everyone says. It was time for their last song of the night, they announced it was a new single called ‘Playing Dylan”.


The stage was quickly taken apart and set up for the next band. The next band to hit the stage was another Arizona local band, Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers. This female fronted band was full of energy. The band’s line up is formed by Carol Pacey- vocals/guitars, Andy Borunda-guitar, Ben Deluca-drums, and Will Gantry-bass. Although this night Deluca and Gantry were missing from the mix. Those spots were filled in by Jeff Hepp on bass and Gary Smith on drums. Smith is actually an Arizona Music Hall of famer!

When the band took to the stage Pacey began to talk into the microphone while the rest of the band was getting into place. Pacey laughed “I could sing Christmas songs, we could  could start early. Good evening everybody! We are not Classless Act too! We are Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers!”

The audience cheered as they began to sing and play music. Their music has a fun rock/pop/punk/rockabilly sound. The band describes their sound as Americana-thrash-pop. A few songs into their set Pacey described the night playing with fill ins AKA Honorary Honey Shakers, like a trust fall and they were crushing it.

They then played their next song called “Sit There and Look Pretty”.  The song was very energetic and the crowd seemed to like the song. After the song ended Pacey took to the microphone again. This time she talked about how she didn’t know who Classless Act was and how she looked them up. She decided that she was going to adopt them and be their cool aunt; they just did not know it yet.

She then introduced their next song “Kick Ass Boots”. Their energy was good, and Pacey addressed the audience a lot. They really helped get everyone into the mood and ready for Classless Act.

The crowd was ready, everyone cheering and yelling for Classless Act. Classless Act formed in 2019 in Los Angeles, California. The members however originate from all over the world; They hail from Dallas, Hawaii, Poland, Los Angeles and Argentina. The band members are Derek Day-vocals, Dane Pieper-guitar, Griffin Tucker-guitar, Franco Gravante-bass, and Chuck McKissock-drums. What makes this group so unique is that they all met via TikTok!

One woman was front and center of the stage, wearing a bandana with the bands logo on it, there were people of all ages at this venue for the band. The house lights and stage lights went off, the stage was shrouded in complete darkness. One fan screamed in excitement “I hope they play ‘Circles’, it’s my favorite!”

Shadows could barley be seen walking onto the stage then all of a sudden they came back on and all the members except the singer were assembled in their spots. They began to play their first song “Haunting Love”, off their 2022 album Welcome to the Show. The crowd went wild!

Then all of a sudden the singer ran onto the stage and began to sing. His energy was off the charts. In between lyrics he was running around, jumping, and singing the microphone stand. After their third song, “Made in Hell”, ended, Day began to address the audience.

Day said “Phoenix! It’s good to be with you! We are doing the whole album tonight! So we are Classless Act, from Lost Angeles!” He then proceeded to tell the audience that Tucker is from Texas and they call him the Lone Star Lead. The crowd went wild, they hung onto every word he said weather he was singing or talking to them.

They continued to play their set; their energy never faltering. They move all about the stage, jumping, spinning and headbanging. They then played a song that is not their own but Day mentioned he wish that they had written it. The song was none other than David Bowie and Queen’s “Under Pressure”.  Everyone sang along with the singer.

Day addressed the audience again. Day said “We’re all gonna go upstairs after this!”, he was referencing the bar. “What can I say this is a song. We played it too many times this year. We wrote this song about phoenix because we love it and we want it” Day continued. They then began to play “Give It To Me”.

The show finally ended and the crowd left happy. Not a single person was frowning when they left. They watched a show that they will remember for the rest of their life. The bands energy never waivered, they addressed and interacted with their audience through out the night. These are hallmark moves for a band that knows how to put on an amazing performance.


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