We Came As Romans Obliterates Mesa

The Nile Theater was gearing up for a busy night. The parking lot was overflowing. Everyone parking where ever they could find a spot. People were lined up and waiting to get in. The line wrapped around the corner of the block. Everyone was exhilarated and anxious to get inside. Tonight’s show at the Nile was completely sold out! Everyone gathered from the surrounding cities to immerse themselves in unity for their love of metal music. Everyone began to enter, some ran to the merchandise booths while the rest went to find their spots along the barricade.

The first band to hit the stage was Brand of Sacrifice. Brand of Sacrifice is a progressive metal band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The band formed in 2018. The band formed when members of The Afterimage wanted to head in a different direction with their music. The band is made up by Kyle Anderson-vocals, Liam Beeson-guitar, Leo Valeri-guitar, (but not touring) Andrew Kim (touring bass) and Mike Caputo-drums. Brand of sacrifice has released two albums and one EP since their formation.

Tonight, the band came out strong and ready to rock. They opened their set up with “Dawn” off their album Lifeblood that came out in 2019. The band got straight to work, captivating the audience from the start with their fast paced, and heavy beets. The audience could not keep their eyes away. If they had not heard of the band before, they were sucked into the performance and captivated by the sounds.

If you were staring at the crowd, you could find the die hard fans for a Brand of Sacrifice. One girl was seen standing at the edge of the barricade, screaming her heart out, reciting word for word to each song. The band took up the whole stage, they did not move around too much but their performance was great! Anderson did interact a few times with the audience but he mostly stuck to singing his songs and giving the audience a performance, they would remember.


The stage was reset after a short break. Many people did not leave their seats in fear of losing their coveted spot. They wanted to be in that perfect position to witness the rest of the show; ready to get their faces melted off by talented metalheads. The next band came onto the stage. They introduced themselves; they were ERRA. The bands line up is Jesse Cash-vocals/guitar, JT Cavey-vocals, Alex Ballew-drums, Sean Price-guitar and Conor Hesse-bass. They also have a touring guitarist which is filled nu Clint Tustin.

ERRA is a progressive metalcore band from Birmingham, Alabama. They formed in 2009 and based their name after Akkadian god of war and plague. The minute they hit the stage; the audience grew louder. The band took their performance to the edge! The brought the energy and got the audience really going. Many people in the audience could be heard and seen singing along. All of a sudden, a few members of the audience began to crowd surf. It was made very clear that the audience was enjoying this energetic and fun set that ERRA had brought to the table.



It was finally that time of the night; time for the headliner to hit the stage and knock everyone’s socks off. The band finally came out and the crowd went wild! Everyone pushed in to try and get as close as possible to the stage as We Came As Romans took to the stage.  This band from Troy, Michigan was ready to put on an amazing performance. The band formed in 2005 and is currently formed by Joshua Moore-guitar/backing vocals, Dave Stephens-vocals, Lou Cotton-guitar, Andy Glass-guitar and David Puckette-drums. We Came as Romans has released six albums since 2009.

The minute the band hit the stage; the crowd went absolutely mad! They sang along to every song, they headbanged, and jumped around. A mosh pit even formed a few feet back behind the barricade. They opened up their set with their song “Daggers”. After a few songs from the stage, Stephens jumped down from the stage and climbed up the barricade. He then stood on top of the barricade and began to sing to the fans. The fans loved this move, bringing him closer to his fans and giving them a more intimate experience. Then all of a sudden Stephens jumped off the barricade and onto the crowd to crowd surf. The fans screamed with excitement. This show was something that was truly unique and what makes the Nile one of the fan favorites when it comes to shows. Although the venue is small, it makes for the most energetic, intimate and memorable concerts to date.


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