Mac Sabbath Has Fans Screaming “I’m loving it”

Mesa was quiet, it was the night before all the Super Bowl events would start but one venue was ready to tear the night up. People were lined up outside the Nile Theater and the parking lot was starting to get filled up as people arrived. The enthusiasm could be felt in the air by the fans.tonight’s show was going to be an interesting one, one to write home about.

The first band hit the stage was Mike & the Molotovs. The audience cheered as they came on. Each member dawning a different look. From country to Hawaiian shirts to punk rock with harnesses. They were truly a melting pot type of band and the audience was here for it.

They played their first song and the style was not what you’d expect. They were similar to rockabilly or country/punk. The singer also has a kid rock vibe that works really well in this eclectic band.

The singer addressed the audience. He said “This is an old fashion sing along, it’s called ‘Red, White and F*ck You but I need you to sing along, do you think you can do that??”. The audience screamed back in excitement and did just that!

As soon as the song ended the singer addressed the audience again. He screamed “Are you ready for Mac Sabbath!? I need some help on the next song when I put my middle finger up you need to scream fuck off!”. The song began and the audience did not hesitate to yell profanities into the world! The audience truly became immersed in this rockabilly band. At the end of their set the singer thanked the audience for being there

The stage hands and crew broke down the stage in record time and got the next band set up in a flash. The lights dimmed as this two piece local band took to the stage. SNAILMATE came onto the stage and the crowed clapped in excitement for this electronic rock band to start. “Hey what’s up y’all! Thanks for coming early we’re stoked to be here!”

They began playing instantly and the crowd cheered. Everyone was soaking up their energy. They were bringing it to the table full force! The singer said “Thanks to Mac Sabbath for having us! We’re SNAILMATE! Thank you for the Molotovs for opening up and all you beautiful people of the Nile!”

The band really stands out because they are only a drummer and a keyboardist. Their use of mixing screaming, singing/raping and auto tune is a chefs kiss of uniqueness and fun. The singer then jumped into the crowd and performed. Once back on stage he took off his button up shirt and someone in the audience yelled “take your shirt off!”,  the singer replied “I already did!” They then performed a short version of Right Said Fred’s “I’m too Sexy”

To put it frankly this band has the energy to bring anyone in and are somewhat reminiscent of Mindless Self Indulgence.


The stage crew tore down SNAILMATE’s setup and began to put up Mac Sabbath’s. Before anyone could see what the stage set up would be they put up a yellow and red curtain that was held up by two poles, one at each end of the stage with a metal version of Ronald McDonald on top of them. The audience was beginning to get restless. They were waiting for this coveted show to start.

Mac Sabbath is a Black Sabbath fast food parody band that formed in Los Angeles, California in 2014.The band members have their stage names to keep their identities anonymous. The line up is made up by • Ronald Osbourne-vocals, Slayer MacCheeze-Guitar, Grimalice bass, Catburglar –drums. The band also has other members who are: Employee of the Month, The Lizard, Mac Tonight Moonman, and Fry Guy.

All of a sudden a monologue started play, giving the history of how Mac Sabbath was born, the crowd screamed and cheered as more people entered the venue to watch the headlining event. The curtain came down and was taken away by Employee of the Month and a few other members. MacCheese, Grimalice and Catburglar were on stage but one member was noticeably missing. All of a sudden Ronald Osbourne joined the rest of the members on stage and he began to walk from one side of the stage to the other in a hunched over motion before taking his place at his microphone that was connected to a small backyard grill.

He began to sing and the crowd was enamored. They sang along to every lyric and then all of a sudden a mosh pit formed and everyone went wild. Ronald had moments of squirting people with water from his ketchup and mustard bottles! He even addressed the audience at one point stating  “We hail from burminghamburger as you know! It’s nice to be back in the states!” As he said this MacCheese began playing the national anthem on his guitar.

Ronald continued his monologue by thanking the opening bands and stating how great it was to play with real bands, addressing each band by their name! He also made a few fast food band name jokes. The crowd erupted into laughter as the band went back to putting their concert on.

The energy and showman shop Mac Sabbath gave to the crowd of Mesa was truly full of magic and everyone ate up their performance. It was a performance that would be remembered for months and even years to come!


Mac Sabbath
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