Hannibal Burress Tears Up Tempe With Laughter

The city was buzzing with excitement, energy and chaos. This was Super Bowl weekend and it was packed with stars from all walks of the entertainment industry. Tonight people were headed to Tempe Improve for a night of laughs. Getting inside was slightly hidden by climbing up a staircase that looked like it went to a restaurant. Once inside people were lined up at tables, sitting ordering drinks and food. Everyone was chatting and laughing, excited to have a night out full of bliss.

The first comedian to take the stage was Brian “Da Wildcat” Smith. He thanked the DJ for picking the “blackest shit” he could find to play because Wildcats asked for Hall and Oats. He then went into discussing Arizona’s terrible driving. “You can do anything you want as long as the cops aren’t watching. You can get two cars to go through the red light right after it turns red.”

He then began to discuss how he gets to travel around and that there was a lot of white people here tonight along with other races. He then talked about doing shows in Germany and that they had real drugs over there.he then proceeded to sing a song in fake German and the crowd went wild! Everyone was laughing.

There were very few small silent moments. He then discussed how great it was that weed could now be sold to anyone and he went on saying how cool it was he was going to get cash back by buying it with his credit card. He mentioned that he turned 45 this year and asked the audience to clap if they were older than 45 and the crowd obliged. “That was that saddest clap ever!”. He said he also can’t wait to get to that age where everyone has to respect what he says and they can’t fight it. Everyone laughed and agreed. He said “Man I’m glad Covid is over and we can all go outside and fuck again!”, everyone laughed as he continued his bit about Covid and how he realized how bad his breath was and that dating was bad during Covid.

He ended up dating a man for two weeks online before he found out it was a man. “I ain’t never met a woman that loved fishing the way I loved fishing!” He stated to the audience. He then asked the audience if they were celebrating anything today. He then poked some fun at those celebrating their birthdays and the drinks they ordered before leaving the stage. Every cheered and laughed as he left.

Hannibal Burress then came onto the stage and immediately began his set talking about flag football. He was excited for it and was watching film with Tracey McGrady and he ended up on his team. Jeremy Roenick scored two touchdowns. “Do you know the Super Bowl weekend? When I booked these shows I didn’t know it was Superbowl weekend!” Burress said.

He then mentioned it was weird being in Phoenix with everything going on this weekend. He has family here and he visits a lot. He mentioned it was nice that everyone came in tonight and that the parking was nice at today’s venue. He also has someone on the keyboard playing some quiet background music.

He proceeded to talk about a previous show he performed and that an older white gentleman went up to him and that the man told him how bad his set was. He then proceeded to say that he never made his comedy bits centered around old white men. Then in the middle of this but the lights randomly went on and it threw Burress off. He then kept proceeded to ask what was that, “what’s going on, this isn’t a fucking karaoke joint” he said.  Everyone died laughing. The whole venue was brought to tears.

He then said he couldn’t remember where in the story he was and someone in the audience yelled “he poked you in the chest!”. Burress then said oh yeah and continued his bit. He then brought up how TI was doing comedy and people being that up. Burress said that’s great, I’m doing more music now. He said what TI is doing is braver now because he’s taking away the beats and just talking now. He then proceeded to bring a small clip of TI’s bit up. The crowd laughed along and enjoyed every moment. He then pulled up a clip where he asked 2 Chainz an important question. Burress asked “do you feel like you have to wear multiple chains?”  2 Chainz responded with “sutchyo ass up”. Burress then proceeded to poke fun at 2 Chainz using his songs to pray to god for a Bently Truck.

He then went into talking about his daughter and he mentioned he’s not with the mother and he wished they had twins. He said “ sometimes I wish we had twins so I could say you take yo baby and I’ll take mine!”. The audience laughed so hard and when you looked back at the stage the keyboardist stopped playing because they were laughing too hard to continue playing. The keyboardist had been playing the mini theme song from the Wii. Burress uses a lot of visuals in his set, which is a nice accompanying

Tonight’s event was beautifully put together. It was a show where everyone could come together and laugh. Every bit performed hit the audiences funny ones, there was not one single moment filled with silence. Even  the technical difficulties were filled with laughter. Everyone’s stomachs were sore from laughing so hard and they crowd could be heard talking about how great the set was while they left.

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