Bayside Will You Be Our Valentine?!

The day had been gloomy and it continued into the evening. It was windy and rainy. The parking lot at the Nile was full. The line started from the coffee shop that inhibits the front of the Nile and around the block. Everyone was excited and waiting to enter the venue. The rain and wind couldn’t bring down their moods. There were also many couples waiting to get their  Valentines date started. Tonight’s show was completely sold out.

The first band to hit the stage was Koyo. This high energy band from Stoney Brook ,New York instantly captured the crowd with the sound. The bands line up is formed by Joey Chiaramonte — vocals, Mike Marazzo — guitar, TJ Rotolico — guitar, Harold Griffin — guitar, Stephen Spanos – bass, Sal Argento — drums Anthony Maningsingh – lead granite respecter.

Everyone was bobbing their heads to music.  Chiaramonte began to talk to the audience. He mentioned that this was their third time playing at this venue. After that they played a new song from their album that is going to be released later this year. The audience was very receptive and enjoyed a sneak peak of their new song. Then in unison everyone took out their cellphones, turned the flashlights on and swayed their arms from side to side. the crowd thoroughly enjoyed the band and everything they brought to the table.

The second band to hit the stage was I Am the Avalanche. The singer immediately addressed the audience!  “Hello Mesa! We’re I Am the Avalanche!” He said and then they began to play. They opened their set with “Holy Fuck”. The crowd instantly dove into the music. They could be heard cheering along while the band played. The band was full of energy and grabbed the audiences attention from the start. The second song they played was “Beating”.  “I love it, I love it. We just wrote a new song, we just wrote a new song. Do you guys wanna hear it?!” The singer announced to the audience. The audience responded with cheers! After the song ended the singer mentioned that they’re from Long Island and he saw another fan kind of cheer more loudly and he asked what city the fan was from and the fan responded with Nassau county and the singer laugh and said “that’s not a city dude but hey I’m from there too!”. They then played gratitude a little while later.

The crowd stood there waiting patiently and eagerly waiting for the final act of the night to hit the stage. it was finally time and the band began to come onto the stage, it was Bayside! Everyone began to cheer loudly! Bayside is an emo punk band from the Bayside, Queens, New York. The bands line up is formed by Anthony Raneri – vocals/guitar, Jack O’Shea – guitar/vocals, Nick Ghanbarian – bass/vocals, and Chris Guglielmo – drums, percussion. As soon as they hit the stage they opened up their set with “Big Cheese” off their 2014 album Cult. Instantly the crowd went absolutely nuts. The band fed off the crowds energy, bringing more and more energy to their set. they were running around the stage going from the left to the right.

Finally Raneri took to the microphone and said “Happy Valentines Day Mesa!” They then played their song “Sick, Sick Sick” off their album Killing Time, that was released in 2011. Bayside continued to wow and thrill everyone. Everyone could be seen singing along and loving every minute of it. At one point the singer from I Am the Avalanche came onto the stage and sang along. The highlight of the night was when Bayside did their own cover of The Smoking Popes song “Megan”. Bayside is truly a band you have to experience at least once in your life. Their energy and showman ships is spectacular, especially in more intimate venues such as The Nile Theater.

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