Bush with Special Guest Candlebox And Devora At Boston’s MGM Music Hall

It was Valentines Day evening in the heart of Boston. It was filled with concertgoers either by themselves or with their valentine checking out the MGM Music Hall Fenway to witness Bush and Candlebox live.

The first to perform for the evening was none other than Devora. Haling from Arizona she is known to many as the “Goth Dolly Parton.” She played a short set which included songs from her EP Outlaw released in 2021. She opened her set with her song “Not Dead Yet.” As the fans were entering the venue they quickly adapted to her style of music and really seemed to enjoy the performance.  She continued her set with “Body Bag,” “Wild West,” and her newest EP single “God Is Dead.”  She got the crowd moving and on their feet wanting to hear more. She finalized her set with “Outlaw.” Even thought her set was short she put on an entertaining set leaving fans wanting to hear more from her.

The next band to hit the stage was American Rock band from Seattle Washington, Candlebox. Since the 90’s the band has been giving fans exciting and energetic performances and tonight was just that. As soon as they hit the stage the crowd was cheering and screaming excited to see the band perform. They opened their set with “Arrow.”
Their style is considered by many as a mix of grunge and hard rock. The fans were on their feet as lead singer Kevin Martin wowed the crowd with his powerful and amazing vocals. Before the song “Change,” Kevin came to the mic and said that he wrote this song when he was on drugs specifically mushrooms back in 1993. They went on to play a few more of their songs which included “All Down Hill From Here,” “Happy Pills,” and “Riptide”. For the next song “Cover Me,” Kevin came out with his acoustic guitar for the beginning of the song then continued on to just vocals and his mic.

Their last two songs were “You” and “Far Behind,”  two of their biggest hits. The energy from the band and the crowd was at an all time high and can be felt through out the entire venue. Before “Far Behind,” Kevin came to the mic and said he wrote this song for the lead singer Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone. He also thanked WAAF and WBCN back in the day for playing the sh** out of this song for all those years. The crowd was singing every word and cheering. They have been in the music business for over 30 years and they still continue to amaze the fans who supported them for all the years. They still sound amazing!

The Final band of the evening from London, England was iconic British Rock Band Bush. They opened their set with “Identity,” which is a brand new song off their album The Art Of Survival . As soon as the band hit the first note they came out with high energy. The fans were on their feet screaming and yelling and trying to match the same energy.
Their next few songs were a mix of classic hits from their 90’s days. These included “Machinehead,” “The Chemicals Between Us,”  and “Flowers On A Grave.” During the song “Flowers On A Grave” Lead Singer Gavin Rossdale went into the crowd and continued singing the song with the fans up close and personal.  After he came back to the mic and said “we want you to sing the next song “Everything Zen,” with us. Also Happy Valentines Day! We love when you sing along with us.”

The set continued with “1000 Years,” “Quicksand,” “More Than Machines,” and “Little Things.” This was the ending of their set before the encore. The fans were jumping, singing, and loving every minute of their performance. It was packed with high energy, lots of charismatic stage presence, and powerful vocals from Gavin. The fans were cheering and wanting more. The band came on to play their encore for the last three songs of the evening. These songs included, “The Kingdom,” “Glycerine,” and “Comedown”. This was an amazing performance by an iconic band from the 90’s. The fans who stuck with them all these years were in awe at their performance and how amazing and talented these guys are.


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MGM Music Hall Fenway
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