Soulfly Brings Massive Line Up To Brighton Music Hall

On a brisk February evening, the fans were stretched down the street waiting to get into The Brighton Music Hall for Soulfly

As the fans were piling into the Hall the first band they heard was Wisdom and War.  They are a local band from Massachusetts and are known for their brutal guitar riffs and sonic like vocals.
They played a short set to get the crowd energized for the night. They played a mix of new and old songs that got the crowd jumping and screaming.

The next band to hit the stage was Death Ray Vision. They are an American Hard core band from Massachusetts. They are made up of former members of Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, Cannae, Seemless, and Overcast.

The crowd was still piling in at this point and the pit was starting to form as soon as they hit the stage. The crowd was on their feet jumping. The band was playing with high energy and the crowd seemed to match the energy.

The third band of the evening was trio heavy metal band from Gaborone, Botswana, SkinFlint. Their heavy metal is mixed with African culture which gives them a unique and powerful sound. Their band consists of three members who consist of lead singer/guitarist Giuseppe Sbrana, Kebonye Nkoloso on bass guitar and Cosmos Modisaemang on drums.

The band just released their newest album Hate Spell in 2023. They have attracted attention of international media due to the incorporation of the African culture. Their self titled album Skinflint pays homage to their African culture. This is seen as a pioneer example of African Heavy Metal.
They continued to put on a powerful energetic performance and the fans were getting ready for the headliners to hit the stage.

The night continued with the headliner of the evening Brazilian Heavy Metal band from Phoenix, Arizona Soulfly. They are led by former Sepultura frontman Max Cavalera. They have a unique sound blending Brazilan tribal music with Heavy Metal. As soon as the band hit the stage the pit started forming.

They opened their set with “Back To Primitive.” The crowd was jumping singing along.  They continued their set with songs which included, “No Hope=No Fear,” “Frontlines,” “Prophecy,” “Filth Upon Filth,” and “Tribe.” They continued with “Ritual.” Before the song “Boom,” lead singer Max Cavalera came to the mic to address the crowd and says “this song is about people that talk sh** about you behind your back. Go Brazil!”
They continued their set with a few covers first was a Sepultura cover “Refuse/Resist,” and a Nailbomb cover “Wasting Away.” They rounded out their amazing set with “Bleed” from 1998, and “Eye For An Eye.”

After their Encore  Max came back to the mic and stated to the crowd “lets have some fun, old school fun. Everybody get down on the ground, get down on the ground. Down, down, down (with a growl). Stay down”. The entire crowd was sitting on the ground at this point. As soon as the beat kicked in and Max yelled “jumpdafuckup.” the crowd jumped to their feet with fists in the air and the mosh pit went nuts. The crowd was loving every minute of this!! They put on an amazing performance and showed how talented they are.


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