White Reaper Claims Souls In Phoenix

The night was brisk but beautiful, the spring time was nearing and everyone was getting excited. Tonight was going to be a fun show full of bands that would not disappoint.

What made tonight’s show even better was that it was at a small venue that was really a tiny restaurant attached to a room with a stage, it was called the Crescent ballroom. People were already lined up, waiting to enter the venue. A few people unfortunately would not be able to join in tonight’s festivities because it was a 21+ show. The first band was ready to rock and roll. The band took to the stage, and it was only two people. The band was called Taipei Houston and they were formed by a drummer and a bassist.

They performed their first song and then the singer took to the microphone and addressed the audience. “Hello Phoenix! We’re Taipei Houston and we’re from San Francisco! This is our first time in Phoenix!”. This band is fantastic, reminiscent of a heavier version of The White Stripes. They played their next song called “Frequency”. This band knows how to draw a crowd in who may not have originally been interested in them. “You guys give it up for my older brother, Myles, on drums. When he’s not beating up a snare he likes to play guitar. He wrote the riff for the next song! It’s called ‘Hello From the Bottom’” For this band being a bassist and a drummer their sound is on point; they sound complete, they have great riffs and melodies. This is a band to keep an eye on in the future to come.

Some of the audience stood claiming their spots for the next band while other went to check out the merch or get drinks. The stage crew broke down the stage and set up in record time. The band, Narrow Head, came out to the stage and set up their pedals. The audience screamed in excitement. They left the stage and the house lights went off while the stage lights came on. A back track began to play, announcing the band was about to come on stage and perform. Narrow Head’s line up is made up by Jacob Duarte-vocals/guitars/synthesizers, Carson Wilcox– drums/programming, William Menjivar-guitars/bass and Kora Puckett-guitars/vocals/synthesizers. The band began playing and their sound was very reminiscent of the Deftones. A couple members of the band moved and jumped around but for the most part the band was stationary.

Their sound was enticing and definitely a fun listen.  Some songs were heavier and faster than others. Duarte then said “thank you for coming my early.”, then they began to play their next set. Someone ran on stage and dived into the crowd only to be dropped while small mosh pits began to form. The bands sound got heavier as the night progressed. Duarte then abandoned his guitar and grabbed the microphone for the next song, running and jumping all over the stage. The crowd loved it. The same guy who jumped off the stage earlier jumped off the stage again and a whole fight broke out. Then Duarte said “you old fuckers can you stop! Who gives a fuck! Since you can’t figure out what to do we’ll play a soft one, this is off our new album.” They then continued the rest of their set without a hitch.

The night was starting to grow old but it still was not over yet. It was that time, time for the final band to hit the stage. The next band to go onto the stage was White Reaper! A fan favorite of the night for sure! The whole room was buzzing with excitement, ready to watch this band shred it up! The Louisville, Kentucky based band is made up by Tony Esposito-guitar/vocals, Ryan Hater – keyboard, Hunter Thompson – guitar, Nick Wilkerson – drums, percussion and Sam Wilkerson – bass.

As soon as White Reaper hit the stage someone yelled play Judy French!  Wilkerson said to the audience ”this is our biggest show in Phoenix! Thanks for coming out!” They then played “Real Long Time”. The audience danced and sang along to every song. The band hit all the highs playing some of their more popular and loved songs including “Raw”, “Might Be Right” and “Ring” all of which are off their 2019 album You Deserve Love. Everyone in the audience was absolutely in love with the nights show. No one person had a frown on their face.

Esposito took to the microphone and addressed the audience. “Alright guys we have one more song, that god forsaken song. Thanks for coming out!” They then played “Judy French” off their 2017 album The Worlds Best American Band. The audience went absolutely ballistic. Everyone sang and danced along to their all time favorite song.

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