Theory And Skillet With Saint Asonia On The Rock Resurrection Tour At Roadrunner Boston

On a cold snowy Saturday night in Boston, fans lined Guest street to wait in line to see the Rock Resurrection Tour with Theory of A Deadman, Skillet and Saint Asonia.

As soon as fans were able to get into Roadrunner Boston they made their way to the front of the stage to get a front row view for what was to become an amazing night of music. The first band of the evening was Canadian rock group Saint Asonia. The band consists of members from former bands such as Seether, Three Days Grace, Staind, and Art Of Dying.
The venue was in a packed capacity and as soon as the lights came on and the band came out the venue erupted. They opened their set with “Better Place.”

Lead singer Adam Gontier came to the mic and said “What’s Up Boston?” We have a few songs to play for you. It is gonna be a fun one. The next song is called “Haunted.” He came to the mic again and announced that members of the band were in other bands and he was the former lead singer of Three Days Grace. Crowd screamed and cheered. They played the next two songs which were cover songs from Three Days Grace. They consisted of “Never Too Late” and “I Hate Everything About You.” The crowd sang multiple versus during the songs as Adam held the mic into the crowd motioning them to sing along. He came to the crowd once again and said “We will play one more that you may know.” They played an Apocalyptica cover “I Don’t Care” which Adam originally sang vocals on.

Adam came to the mic once again and said “We are one week into the Resurrection tour and this is by far the best so far. You guys are awesome. Let’s hear it for our friends Skillet and Theory. They can hear you so get loud. We are going to play a new song that is out now called “Devastate.” Adam came to the mic for the last time, “We have time for one more. We met a guy today in our meet and greet and it is his first ever concert. He has a sign. Welcome to your first concert! I remember my first show and it was nothing like this one. Let me see you move let’s go! They sang their last song of the night ” Let Me Live My Life.” Fans were on their feet cheering and singing every word.  Adam stated Boston Thank you so much are Saint Asonia we will see you very soon!”

The next band of the evening to hit the stage was Christian Rock Band Skillet. Before they hit the stage fans could see a row of screens lined up behind the stage that were all lite up. As soon as the lights came on the place erupted once again as they played their opening song “Invincible.” Before the song “Surviving The Game,” lead singer John Cooper came out with dry ice cannons on both arms. He started shooting them in the air towards the crowd. The crowd was on their feet screaming, jumping and raising their fists in the air. For this song their were periods of smoke that came from the front of the stage. John screamed to the crowd “Let me see your fists in the air.

Next song was “Awake and Alive,’ and the they came out on stage with the cello on the top of the stage along with two rising platforms that featured each guitarist moving up and down while they played.  During the song “Hero,” drummer Jen Ledger came to the front of the stage to get the crowd rowdy and sing vocals. Before the song “Psycho In My Head,” Jen had a small drum solo and guitarist Seth Morrison had a short guitar solo as well.

The crowd was feeling the energy the band was playing and the crowd was matching it as the band went on to play more of their set. John came to the mic and said “Thank You guys so much we love you!  They played their next song “Comatose”. For the song “Finish Line,” they brought out Adam Gontier from Saint Asonia to sing vocals. The crowd was pumped and sang along.
John came to the stage before the song “Monster” for a short monologue. During the song he went into the photo fit to sing with the fans. He had promised one of the fans that he would sing with them so he got his chance. John put the mic into the crowd so the crowd could sing the versus with him. As he was trying to get back on stage he had a hard time climbing up but never missed a beat.

The played their final two songs of the evening “Rebirthing” and “The Resistance” where the crowd was singing every word and cheering and were filled with excitement. The band put on an amazing performance and will definitely be back to Boston soon.

The final band of the evening was Canadian rock band Theory Of A Deadman a.k.a Theory from North Delta, British Columbia. The stage was set up with colored lights along the edge of the stage and had big blocks of lights lit up behind the stage. Before the band came onto the stage their was a recording of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.” The fans were heard singing and cheering to all the words.  The band came out to their newest song “Dinosaur.” The crowd was on their feet from the moment the band played their first note. Before the song “Bit** Came Back,” the background cd played a version of the cat came back and then the band continued with the song.

Lead singer Tyler Connolly came to the mic and did a short monologue and said that the song “Sweet Caroline was a fluke and it wasn’t just made for the Boston show they actually play it before all shows. It was a good one. Thank you for coming out to the Rock Resurrection tour. We are going to play you a bunch of Rock and Roll songs. We are going to start you off with something brand new song it is the first time we have ever played this song live it will be tonight. You ready. Brand new here we go.  They went on to play a cover of Bill Wither’s “Two Of Us.” off their new album Dinosaur.

They went on to play “Not Meant To Be,” Before the song “History of Violence,” Tyler came to the mic and did another short monologue. He mentions that they have vinals for sale. We haven’t really toured on our last record in fact I don’t think much of our friends really toured much either. We are glad for being back out here. Thank you for supporting bands and spending your hard earned money and supporting the venues. We are nothing without you. We are going to play you something from our last record it is about abuse and is called “History of Violence.”

Before the song “Santa Monica,” they play a guitar solo and he has another short monologue where he states they have been playing for over 20 years and they played in Boston multiple times over the years back when it used to be the Axis maybe 2002 with Three Doors down. He explained why they still love playing music. For the next song, a Chris Issak cover “Wicked Games” Tyler came out on the piano with a blue light shining in the background.

They went on to play a first verse only of Garth Brook’s “Friends In Low Places.” He stopped and said “Oh you know who would sing this song better Garth Brooks himself. He is in town and is here tonight. The crowd went crazy. They went backstage to check and he states oh sh** he ditched us again for the fourth time. We thought he would really be here tonight. The crowd laughs. They then go into playing the next few songs “Low Life, and “Angel.”

They rounded out their full set with their biggest hits “Hate My Life,” Rx ( Medicate) and “Bad Girlfriend.” The crowd sang every word and was screaming and cheering on their feet. Fans were jumping with their fists in the air and loving every minute. Fans were having an absolute blast. They put on an amazing set and show they have a lot of talent and can still sing and perform after 20 years.

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