Morgan Wade Sells Out The Royale In Boston, MA

On a rather chilly and unusually quiet evening in the theatre district of Boston, fans were lined up to get a chance to enter the sold out Royale to hear Morgan Wade sing live.

The first performer of the evening was singer-songwriter from Tulsa OK, Kaitlin Butts. She is currently touring off her newest album What Else Can She Do. It is a collage of different females who tackle the same question and parts of Kaitlin’s own life as well. The first track off her album “It Wont Always Be This Way,” is something that her mom and her would say when times got tough. They used that to help get them through the rough patches in their life.

She opened her set with “Jackson.” The fans were screaming and cheering as she came to the stage. She came on stage wearing a cowboy hat while playing an acoustic guitar. She went on to play a few more songs before playing a Billie Ellish cover “Happier Than Ever.” The fans seemed to really enjoy her music and were singing along to all the words. She continued her set with “In The Pines,” her newest single “It Wont Always Be This Way,” and “White River.” She ended her set with a Kasey Chambers cover “We’re All Gonna Die Someday.” She put on an amazing set and showed how talented and strong vocalist she is.

The Final performer of the night was American country singer Morgan Wade. She began her career writing songs in her doom room in college and actually recruited musicians from Craigslist to help her with her first album Puppets With My Heart.  Her inspiration for this was a recent breakup with her boyfriend.

Before coming to the stage a Nine Inch Nails song “Fu** You Like An Animal” was heard coming through the speakers. As she came on stage she was sporting a David Ortiz Red Sox jersey. The crowd cheered and screamed when she came on stage. She opened her set with “Don’t Cry.” The fans were singing every word and jumping around with their hands in the air. She continued her set with “Last Cigarette,” “Fall In Love With Me,” and “The Night part 1 and 2” She then went into a Miley Cyrus cover “Bad Karma.”

After performing the song “Take Me Away,” she was signing autographs for the fans and even threw a hat and shirt out to the crowd. She went on to play a few more songs before her encore. After her encore she went on to play two acoustic songs, “Crossing State Lines.” During these songs she came the mic and mentioned that someone at a previous show recently gave her a Yankees hat and she didn’t want to take it. The crowd immediately chimed in with a “Lets GO Red Sox chant.” The crowd was cheering for a few moments while she continued her acoustic solo. She rounded out her set with “Met You” and “Wilder Days.” She was amazing to watch and her vocals were spot on. She put on an energetic and amazing show for the fans and they loved every minute.

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