Story of the Year Tears Me To Pieces With Their New Album

2023 has turned into the most interesting year that we have had in a long time, musically that is. This year has been the resurrection of the emo bands we all grew up with. Gerard Way began performing, Paramore has jumped back onto the scene and Story of the Year is releasing a new album. This is the year emo bands take back the music scene and teach younger generations what we were and still are all about.

It had been six years since Story of the Year last released their album Wolves in 2017; however what makes their new album Tear Me to Pieces so special is that it is a rare return to their form and sound that was so beloved all those years ago. Tear Me to Pieces is set to be released on March 10,2023.

The minute the album starts, you are instantly drawn in. The sound is familiar and but at the same time its different. The sound that Story of the Year brings to the table is something that has matured. Instead of instantly trying to fit the mold of who they were they evolved. Their sound and song writing has grown with them. This album brings songs that are easily relatable. Ideas, concepts and feelings that many of us have gone through. This album brings out all of the feelings of heartbreak, love, toxic relationships, mental health and all of the feelings in between.

The album opens up with their song “TEAR ME TO PIECES”. This song attacks the mental health issues of anxiety. It describes the feelings and thoughts that many people have when they are facing their anxiety. It describes that feeling of never being able to escape the hold that anxiety has one someone. That suffocating feeling of never being able to be free, or feel normal because you are fighting this battle inside of yourself. A feeling that can be crippling.

The album then takes a turn into love. A love that is so strong that it gives off Romeo and Juliet vibes. “Real Life” takes the listener back to a love that they had that triumphs all the others. A love that was ground breaking and unforgettable. It brings the hope that love truly will triumph.  “Real Life” is the perfect opener that leads the listener into “Glow”. These two songs feed off each other. Starting from true love to growing into new roles and different types of love.

The story of the album then leads into toxic relationships and pain that is caused by these previous experiences.  “War” is that perfect song to empower some one who is fighting the demons left from their toxic past. It pumps the listener up, gives them the feelings to make them confident to face their feelings.

From there the album heads into heartbreak. The true hurt after the pain, the realization of sadness and loneliness.  “Take the Ride” is the perfect loneliness anthem. It brings the feelings of being lost to the center stage. Trying to figure out what’s next in life, figuring out where to head in life, what to venture into next in the process of self-healing.

The album ends with the most perfect acoustic song. “Use Me” brings out what its like to be so in love with someone even though the red flags are present. It paints a picture for the listener of someone who is in a relationship where they recognize the love isn’t true, but they let their partner treat them however they want because they believe that is love. This song truly knows how to tug at the heart strings.

Tear Me to Pieces is the perfect album for going through life. It paints the picture of true struggles many of us face on a day-to-day basis. It gives their audience the validation everyone has been searching for; that their feelings are ok to feel. That their past, what they went through and their feelings in their journey to healing is justified. Story of the Year bore their heart out into an album that listeners can relate to on many different levels. This is the album that should not be overlooked and in every one’s music library.


*photos curtesy of Story of the Year*

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