Cradle of Filth and DevilDriver Bring Double the Trouble to Tempe

There are many bands that don’t seem to meld together to create a cohesive show. The Double Trouble tour did just the opposite. It brought different walks of rock and metal together under one roof and created a seamless and hypnotic flow that captivated the audience.

The first band to come on was Oni! Oni is a progressive/groove metal band from Ontario, Canada. The band is made up by Martin Andres, Chase Bryant, Johnny D, Joe Greulich and Brandon White.

They came into the stage and instantly began playing . The crowd cheered and enjoyed their performance. With each song the crowd got more and more into the music . The audience began to sing along with the band and heads began to bob back and forth. The bad had a high energy but for the most part stayed in their designated spots with the exception of the bass player who did run around the stage.

The second band to hit the stage was Black Satellite. The minute they came onto the stage their presence could be felt through out the room.  Black Satellite is a rock band from New York, New York. The band is formed by Larissa Vale-vocals and Kyle Hawken-guitar.
Vale said “were Black Satellite and were from New York!”. The crowd screamed and cheered. They began their set and instantly the energy was brought to the table. Every member of the band moved from side to side, head banging and jumping whenever possible. Vale used a hand held 1950s styled microphone. Their second song was their newly released single “Broken”.
A few songs later Vale took to the microphone to address the audience. “Thank you so much the next one is called ‘Void’” she said to the crowd as they clapped and whistled with happiness! Everyone was vibing along to their high energy performance. Vale then addressed the crowd again, she screamed 
“We got a couple more for you guys! Who’s ready for f*cking DevilDriver and Cradle of Filth!!!!” Every one clapped louder and the band finished out their set. They ended their set with their version of  “Sonne” originally written and performed by Rammstein! This was perfect ending to their set and a great take on such an iconic song.

The stage crew tore down and set up the stage in what seemed like 10 minutes but was really closer to 30 minutes. Everyone was getting really eager, they were ready for the double headliners to hit the stage and show everyone what they had up their sleeve. DevilDriver finally came to the stage and took their rightful place. DevilDriver is a rock band that is from sunny Santa Barbara, California. The bands lineup is formed by Dez Fafara-vocals, Mike Spreitzer-guitar, Jon Miller-bass, Alex Lee-guitar and Davier Pérez-drums.

 The minute they came onto the stage, the crowd erupted! Everyone jumped, screamed, headbanger and threw up their horns. After the first three songs Fafara began to talk to the audience! He introduced the band and thanked everyone for being there at their show. They opened up their set with “Keep Away From Me”. After a few songs Fafara said “Welcome back Miller! This next one is called ‘Greenf*ck’ let’s f*ck it up!” The audience screamed so loud you could hear it outside the venue. Everyone was ready to tear it up!

The band was very energetic! They moved about the stage with ease and gracefulness although at one point the bassist fell from his platform, landing on his back, but he made it look like it was on purpose. It was a beautiful save.  DevilDriver knows how to captivate their audience and draw them in. Not one person was just standing there, everyone was feeding off the energy DevilDriver brought.

Fafara Addressed the audience one last time, he said “Please make some noise for Oni, Black Satellite and our good f*cking friends in Cradle of Filth!! Thank you guys very f*cking much!! let me see your hands make some noise for our drummer Devin! THANK YOU!!!” That was the ending to their beloved set that will have everyone talking for days to come.

The time had come for the final band to come to the stage and and end the night on a string note. The lights dimmed as the band, Cradle of Filth, emerged onto the stage. Cradle of Filth’s lineup is formed by Dani Filth-vocals, Martin ‘Marthus’ Škaroupka-drums/keyboards, Daniel Firth–bass, Marek ‘Ashok’ Šmerda–guitars, Donny Burbage–guitars and Zoe Marie Federoff–keyboards/vocals.

The band originally formed in 1991 in Suffolk, England. Although they are an English band, one of their newest member happens to be a Tucson native! Zoe Marie Federoff brought that home state pride to their show, dawning an Arizona State flag on her keyboard. She was approach in 2022 about joint the band, which she happily agreed to!

The crowd was going absolutely wild.  Some fans had their faces dawned with paint similar to Filth’s. They were screaming and hollering as they put up their horns to show their excitement for the next set.

The band opened their set up with “Heaven Torn Asunder” off their 2016 album Dusk And Her Embrace. The audience began to sing along, everyone pushing each other closer into the bars are to get as close to the band as possible. Instantly Filth took cam and drawing the audience in. They were mesmerized. The band members kept the audience entertained by utilizing the whole stage. They rand from side to side so every audience member got a chance to watch them perform.  Their energy kept rising and kept the audience spellbound.

Cradle if Filth then played “She Is a Fire” off their 2023 album Trouble and Their Double Lives that is set to release in April. This is the first tour this song is being played live on.

Everyone loved Filths vocals from ranging externally high to low lows. Not one member has a scowl on their face, everyone was enchanted and enthralled. Even the youngest members who were around eight years old were even enjoying the show with their parents. The bands craftsmanship is one of entertainment and bewitchment.

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