Fit For A King at The Palladium in Worcester, MA

On a chilly night in Worcester, Massachusetts, The Palladium was packed on a Saturday night with a nearly sold out crowd to see Fit For A King.

First to hit the stage was metalcore band from Northern California, Kingdom Of Giants. They really know how to get their Boston fans to ignite with their ferocious energetic spirit, they opened up with “Burner” off of the album Passenger.  The red lighting that surrounded the band’s set was a terrific compliment to the intense vocals of Dana Willax, along with heavy head banging from guitarist, Red Martin. The crowd screamed together when Willax spined , jumped and pounced to his own melodic voice. This underground metal phenomena could definitely headline their own tour, hopefully very soon! Their set list was of a variety of songs from their previous albums. Some of the songs they performed were “Sync”, “Night Shift”, “Wasted Space”, “Bleach” and “Wayfinder”.


Next up was the Australian Metalcore band, AlphaWolf. They came onto the stage immediately and began their eight song setlist, which included songs like “60cm of Steel”, “Creep”, “Black Mamba” and “Akudama”.  Lead vocalist, Lochie Keogh, encouraged sweaty fans to surf their way to the stage as much as they could. They also tossed out beach balls that had the Alphawolf logo on them. The crowd was a mix of energetic teens and people in their early twenties who really enjoyed this type interaction with the band. Some girls in the pit were overcome with excitement because they were witnessing the performance of a life time! How could the night get any better?!


The third artist of the night was an Austrian heavy metal band, Northlane. They added some more fire to the Palladium with a heated set list of ten songs. Some of the songs in the set were “Clarity”, “Echo Chamber”, “Carbonized”, “Clockwork”, and “Talking Heads” just to name a few. The crowd did not stop when the explosive electronic metal guitarist added the most unique sound that Massachusetts has ever heard.  This band is definitely a creative breath of fresh air that will be welcomed back for years to come.


Ending the night was the long awaited band from Tyler, Texas, Fit For A King. The vocalist, Ryan Kirby, welcomed the crowed with open arms of gratitude and thanks over and over again in-between songs.  So powerful and loud was the energy at that point the set list ran on with 15 consecutive songs. Some of the songs included, “Falling Through The Sky” which included a crowd photo at the beginning. They  also played hits like “Deathgrip”, “Vendetta”, and “Backbreaker”. The energy of the bands performance in unison was phenomenal. During the last song of the night “God Of Fire”, Members of Alpha Wolf and Currents came out to the stage. They definitely play without content.

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