Decent Criminal ‘s There’s More to It Than Climbing Is the Next Summer Album Must Have

Are you looking for something that feels lighthearted and fun, but still hits all your emotions? Decent Criminal is releasing a new album in May of 2023.  There’s More To It Than Climbing is an album that has a lot of great beats mixed in with a few slow songs that really help to bring the album together.

Decent Criminal is a grunge/Indy rock band from Santa Rosa, California. Their new album is set to draw you in with their creative sound that does not fully fit into their genre’s box. This band’s creative and impactful lyrics really resonate and sit with you.

The first single, “Driving”, was released in February 2023. It encapsulates the feeling of being in your late teens to early twenties. That feeling of where you did not know who you were, where you were going and that carefree life is starting to come to end. You get in your car and just drive, to help think about what’s next in life. It brings you back to those feelings of being unsure of where life is going to bring you.

The album then leads into their second song and second single that was release on March 3, 2023. “Soothe” is a continuation of those feelings of being unsure and maybe a disappointment to others. It brings many different tempos into the song. Starting from hard hitting up beat to a more toned down beat and then back to being hard hitting.

From there the album slows down for their next song, “Same”. This song is one of the shorter song that is on the album at a minute and thirty seconds. This song is a nice and simple song to in a sense cleanse the pallet and get you ready for what’s next.

“You Dog” has a wonderful Indy/grunge feel. It’s a slowed down song that hits the emotions. Right at the beginning it asks why do we have to choose and then goes into describing how another person just lies. It describes what it’s like being with someone who makes empty promises and with no follow through. The emotion can really be heard in the vocals.

“Hold Me Down” is the love song you’ve been looking for. The feelings of wanting to be touched, to be with someone are undeniable. The sadness can be heard in the singer’s voice. This song is anthem for looking for love. For wanting to be someone’s person, confessing their feelings to the other person.

Decent Criminal tell a story through their new alum, There’s More to It Than Climbing. This album brings you back down memory lane from trying to figure out who you are, what’s next in life to finding love. This is the album that has to be in your rotation this summer. The gungy fast paced beats mixed with the Indie calm vibes really create a special album with a unique sound.

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