Jerry Cantrell’s Brighten Tour Stops By The Cabot In Beverly, MA

It was a clear night on St Patrick’s Day in Beverly and fans were already partying and waiting to get into the Cabot to see legendary Alice in Chains singer Jerry Cantrell.

First band of the night was American Rock band from Seattle Washington, Thunderpussy.  The band is an all girl band comprising of vocalist Molly Sides, guitarist Whitney Petty, bassist Leah Julius, and drummer Lindsey Ellis. They currently have a new single out called “Firebreather,” and have a new album coming out soon. They also have a beer inspired by the band Firebreather IPA. They are a musical portal to human connection. They play music, ride motorcycles, date girls, and lift heavy sh** for a living. They also want to change the world one concert at a time. Their mission is to gather, uplift and empower those around us by creating a space where people can connect and express themselves freely.

As soon as the band hit the stage they showed incredible energy, great vocals, and were seen jumping, moving all over the stage through out their performance. They played a mix of their songs  including their newest single “Firebreather.” They played a cover of The Great Society “Somebody To Love.” The fans were just as energized and tried to match the band’s energy. They were singing along to all the songs and were jumping with fists in the air.  Sides came to the stage and said “It is an honor to share the stage with Jerry Cantrell.” They put on an a amazing show and the crowd was really loving their performance.

The final performer of the night and the ones the fans were waiting to see was American guitarist, singer-songwriter Jerry Cantrell. He is best known to fans all over the world as founder, co-singer of the band Alice In Chains. He was surrounded by a cast of established musicians that included former Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist Greg Puciato, guitarist and producer Tyler Bates, Dickie Dollars on Steel Guitar and ex-Marilyn Manson drummer Gil Sharone. It also includes keyboardist Lola Colette who on their last tour she opened for Jerry Cantrell and is now part of the band.

They opened their set with “Atone” and “Psychotic Break.” Through out their entire set they alternated between solo tracks and Alice In Chains classics which included “Them Bones,” No Excuses,” Got Me Wrong,” “Man In The Box,” and “Would.?” During the Alice In Chains covers Layne Staley’s vocal sections were covered by Puciato. This gave the fans chills as he sounded very similar to late Layne Staley. If you closed your eyes and just heard the vocals you would think that Layne was actually singing on stage. It was truly inspirational to witness. Some of Cantrell’s solo songs included, “Cut You In,” “Siren Song,” “Angel Eyes,” and “A Job To Do.” Which is the third time they have ever performed this song live Cantrell stated.

During their set Puciato came to the mic and stated that tomorrow is Cantrell’s birthday and they proceeded to sing “Happy Birthday.” The fans had a sing along.

The Fans were loving every minute of their performance by singing along to all the songs. Before the Alice In Chains covers “Man In The Box,” and “Would?” Cantrell came to the mic and said “We are Going to finish strong.” Then they  had a brief encore and finished the remainder of their set with “Whale and Wasp,”(AIC Cover) “Brighten,” “Down In A Hole,” (AIC Cover) “Rooster,” (AIC Cover) and an Elton John Cover. “Goodbye.” The fans were on their feet screaming and cheering. You can catch Cantrell on one of the remaining dates ending on April 1 in Tacoma, WA. This was an amazing show and showed just how talented these artists really are.

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