Steel Panther’s On The Prowl Tour Attacks At The Palladium In Worcester, MA

On a frigid night in Worcester, Massachusetts fans were wrapped around the Palladium waiting for the greatest self proclaimed heavy metal band of all time Steel Panther.As the fans were entering the venue it was not long before the first band of the evening took the stage. An all metal Bee Gee’s tribute band Tragedy was getting the crowd ready for what was to become an unforgettable evening. They came out in 70’s retro style clothes. Their stage contained inflatable dolls as well.

Their set was short and consisted of cover songs from various different artists. They opened their set with “Tragedy,” a (Bee Gees cover). They continued with “I’m So Excited” a (Pointer Sisters cover). The next song a Neil Diamond cover of “Sweet Caroline” which was a fan favorite and the crowd sang along and cheered. They ended their set with another Bee Gee cover “Staying Alive.”
They brought a lot of energy and are exciting to watch their stage performance. They really got the fans pumped up for the night. If you have not heard of them you should check them out and try and get to one of their live shows. They are a great band to see live.

Next band of the evening was American hard rock band from Pottsville, PA Crobot.  You may remember them from being in the news recently where they had their trailer full of gear stolen. The trailer was parked in a residential neighborhood when a small red pickup appears alongside and disconnects the trailer and makes off with all their gear. They made a plea and asked for social medial help to try and locate their trailer. There was even a gofundme page created to help cover the cost of the bands losses.

They opened their set with lead singer Brandon Yeagley sitting in an electric chair while a mad scientist electrocutes him. Once Yeagley gets electrocuted he jumps out of the chair and goes into their set with their first song “Electrified.” They brought energy as soon as he comes out of the chair. Yeagley moves all over the stage and does not stop the entire night. They bring so much enthusiasm and charism to the stage. They played a more of their hits off their latest album Feel This such as “Dizzy,” “livin’ on the Streets,”  and “Without Wings.”  They put on an amazing show and got the fans pumped and excited. They put on an amazing performance and shows how talented they are. If you have not seen them you need to check them out.

Final performer of the evening was American comedic glam metal band from Los Angeles, CA Steel Panther. They came on stage with tons of energy and dressed in 80’s style extravagant costumes. They were ready to party and at times invited the girls in the audience on stage to party with them. The band consists of lead vocalist Michael Starr, lead guitarist Satchel, Stix Zadinia on drums, and Spyder (the newest member of the band replacing Lexi Foxx) on bass Guitar.

They are known for their profane language, humorous lyrics, and stereotypical glam lifestyle. If you have not been to a Steel Panther show before you are in for a real treat. This show will not be like any other show you have seen live. It is filled with head banging, guitar solos, and no censor language, and will possibly contain nudity.

They opened their set with “Eyes of A Panther.”  The fans were on their feet cheering and screaming and singing along. Throughout their set they had comedic skits that lead into the next song. They performed the song “Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of The World” which the fans were singing along to and got the crowd energized. Then Guitarist Satchell played his guitar solo to finish. A Little later on Michael Starr invited a girl from the audience (Katherine) onto the stage.  They sat her in a chair while the band members each took turns singing a personalized love song. This lead into their next song “Girl From Oklahoma,”

They closed out their set with “F**ck All Night (Party All Day)” before their encore. The energy in the venue was ecstatic and was felt all the way in the back of the venue.

The band exits for a brief instant before they continued their encore with their two biggest songs “Community Property,” and “GloryHole.” This was an amazing night had by all. The fans loved the energy, the vocals and the incredible performance they just witnessed. It was a fun and energizing show where everyone was either laughing or screaming to show how much they enjoy witnessing a Steel Panther show live. If you have not witnessed a show of theirs you need to go just once to be able to experience an amazing group of talented artists that put on an amazing performance for the fans.



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