Static-X And The Rise Of The Machines Tour Invades Boston With Monster Line Up

Originally scheduled for 2022 the time has finally come for The Rise Of  The Machine Tour to hit Boston’s Big Night Live Featuring Static-X.

Not long after doors opened the show kicked off with the first artist of the night which was none other than Dope. Formed in 1997 by lead singer Edsel Dope they are an American band from New York City, NY, They have released seven albums since they started. They just released their newest album Blood Money Part 0 in February 2023.

They opened their set with “Blood Money,” From the moment they hit the stage the crowd was super excited to be able to see them live again. It has been a while since they have toured and fans were really getting into it. They put on an amazing show that featured a mix of songs from their new album and their old stuff.

The next band of the evening was American heavy metal band from Cleveland, OH Mushroomhead. They are known for their horror themed image which features masks and costumes. They are also known for their theatrical live shows that are best seen at smaller venues for a more intimate feel.

They kicked off their set with A “Requiem For Tomorrow.” The crowd was already energized and eager to see what type of performance they were going to put on. The band had drum barrels with a water set up on stage, and as they hit the drums with drum sticks the water sprayed up in the air causing a great visual effect with the lighting as well . If you were close enough you got a brief moment of being sprayed. The crowd loved this and screamed and cheered. At points through out their performance the lead singer was seen crowd surfing in the crowd while still singing. They are amazing, talented artist that put on a performance you didn’t want to miss.

The third band of the evening was American heavy metal band from LA.  Fear Factory. They have released ten albums over the years and have had frequent lineup changes which included their newest vocalist Milo Silvestro. He replaced Burton C. Bell who had been one of the original band members. They are known for their industrial style metal.

They opened their set with “Shock” which from the moment they started the fans were on their feet jumping and cheering. There was a massive pit that formed and fans could feel the floor bouncing under their feet.  The band has not performed in a while so everyone in the venue was pumped to be able to see them perform live again. It has been about seven years since they have played a live show.

Even thought they had a short set they played the fan favorite songs which got the fans creating mosh pits and going completely crazy with tons of energy and the venue was now in complete chaos. The band was feeding off the energy of the crowd and knew that even after all these years they still have not lost their mojo. They put on an amazing performance and did not miss a beat even with the new vocalist.

The final and most anticipated band of the evening was heavy metal band from Los Angeles, CA Static- X.
In 2019 the band embarked on a worldwide tour in 2019 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album Wisconsin Death Trip as well as a memorial to Wayne Static, featuring an unidentified vocalist named “XerO” wearing a mask that resembled Wayne Static’s face.

Before they hit the stage while fans were eagerly waiting for the band to come on stage a “Time Warp” track was heard through the loud speakers of the venue. This got the crowd on their feet waiting to see what was was to come from the band.
Before the lights came on in the dark a Static-X mascot was seen on stage walking around with a spotlight shining into the crowd.

A few moments later, XerO made his first appearance of the night. He was seen walking up a set of risers/podium that was  designed  with Static-X emblems. They opened up their set with “Permanence.” They included fan favorites such as “Love Dump,” Wisconsin Death Trip” and “Bled for Days.” They continued to play a mix of old and new material while the crowd was creating mosh pits and singing along to all the songs.

During the song “Cold”, the band dedicated the song to the memory of Wayne Static by portraying a tribute on the screen behind the stage. They had what would appear to be snow falling from the rafters above.  The fans were in awe and cheered. Final two songs of the night were “I’m With Stupid,” which featured giant red white and black inflatable balloons being pushed and thrown around by the fans and the band. The final song of the night was “Push It.” They put on an unbelievable performance and defiantly a reason why most of the shows have been sold out.  The fans were grateful and seemed to have had a memorable evening.

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