Tour of Terror Hits Tempe Arizona

Metal is one of the most male driven music genres but tonight’s tour kicked off with an all female band.

The first band to hit the stage was Crypta! Crypta is an all female metal band from Brazil. Boy oh boy were their rhymes killing it! Before they even got onto the stage the crowd was screaming for them, “Crypta! Crypta! Crypta!” Everyone was ready to be knocked out by this increasingly talented female band, and to be honest who wouldn’t be! This band came out running and they put on one of the best shows of the night. They were all over the stage not letting any movement go to waste. Their head banging was on point. Each member could take control of the crowd and draw their attention but the singer was truly impressive at it. Her face was never expression less.  If you are debating on going to their show in the further then stop your debate now and in the words of Nike just do it, buy the ticket! You will not be disappointed in their performance or this lineup!

The second band to hit the stage was Skeletal Remains! This south California metal band is the calm before the storm. Although their sound is heavy and hits hard, their movement does not. This quartet tends to stay in the spots and not move too much. Their deep bass and the high notes of the guitar transport you to a place of darkness, this was accompanied with dark low lite red lights that really bring that mood in. The crowd enjoyed Skeletal Remains, everyone bobbed and headbanged along with the band.

The third band to hit the stage was Revocation! Everyone cheered as they came onto the stage. Instantly the stage was flooded in bright green and purple lights. The audience was screaming with happiness and joy, ready for the show to continue. The band members moved around the stage, taking advantage of the room. The bands set was noticeably mostly instrumental but everyone enjoyed what they were hearing.

The house lights dimmed right after the stage was finished being set up for the final band. The final act of the night was Morbid Angel a death metal band based in Tampa, Florida. The band consists of Trey Azagthoth – guitars/keyboards, Steve Tucker – bass/vicals, Scott Fuller – drums and Dan Vadim Von – guitars. The audience grew more excited, they were finally going to watch the band that they had been waiting all night for. The band included “Summoning Redemption”. The night was a night of splendor and amazement as everyone got to experience this fun and unique concert of different genres of Metal.


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