Skeletons Tour Featuring POP EVIL at The Palladium in Worcester, MA

After a long hard work week, fans were eagerly awaiting to get a chance to see Pop Evil perform at the Palladium in Worcester, MA

The first band of the evening was five piece member band from Seattle, WA Avoid. They are an edgy, energetic, and fun group of guys that want to bring innovation back to heavy metal music. They have two new singles out “Cowabunga” and “Split (Killing It.)”

They opened their set with “Gator Fest.” As soon as they started to play the fans were jumping and screaming singing along to the semi short set. They played a mix of songs including their newest singles. They put on a great show and the fans were really into the band and their music.

The next band of the evening was an American Metal core band from Phoenix, AZ The Word Alive. The band consists of guitarist and backup vocals, keyboards, and programming Zack Hansen, Lead Vocalist, Tyler Smith, guitarist and keyboardist Jose DelRio, and on drums Daniel Nelson.

They opened their set with “2012.” The fans were on their feet singing along to all the songs they knew. They played songs including “No Way Out,” “Sellout” and “Why Am I Like This?” The fans were seen forming posh pits, and crowd surfing during their set. The band was feeding off the energy of the crowd.

They finished off their set with “Heartless” and “Trapped.” They put on a great show and got the fans pumped for the remainder of the night.


The final band of the evening was American rock band from North Muskegon, MI Pop Evil. Since 2020 they have been busy putting out new music. In April 2020 they released two singles, “Work” and “Let The Chaos Reign.” In May 2021 they released their album Versatile. Along with that in April 2022 they released the single “Eye Of The Storm” along with the music video. They released their newest album Skeletons in January 2023 and their single “Dead Reckoning”

They opened their set with “Eye Of The Storm.” The fans were excited and were jumping and screaming. Through their set they played a mix of songs from their older albums and a few from their newest albums. They really got the crowd into it and there were mosh pits forming with fists in the air.

They continued their set with songs such as “Be Legendary,” “Skeletons,” and “Waking Lions,” They ended their set with their biggest hits “Torn To Pieces,” “Trenches,” and their newer singles “Breathe Again,” They put on an incredible show and if have the chance to see them you should. They are a group of talented artists that strive to make concerts/shows enjoyable and fun for all ages.

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