Fit For An Autopsy and The Acacia Strain Create A New Family in Mesa

Demonic screams of deep lows and high screeches entrance a flood of people and draws them into the sold out concert!

The first band to come onto the stage was Primitive Man. Primitive man came into the stage and the crowd cheered as they played their set. This band is based in Denver, Colorado and is made up by Ethan Lee McCarthy-vocals/guitar, Jonathan Campos-bass, and Joe Linden-drums. As they came onto the stage they thanked the audience for coming early and introduced themselves. The music danced around the room but the band members never left their spot. The audience enjoyed the band, they cheered as the band left the stage.

The second band to take over the stage was  Full of Hell! Full of Hell is from Central, Pennsylvania and Ocean City, Maryland. The quartet is made up by Dylan Walker-vocals/electronics/noise,Spencer Hazard-guitars/noise,Dave Bland-drums,Sam DiGristine-bass/backing vocals. The quartet set up and the minute the keyboard stand went up everyone was intrigued.

The quartet set up and the minute the keyboard stand went up everyone was intrigued. The band didn’t waste any time getting to work. They flew out of the gate running and their energy level was a 100/10!  Instantly they grabbed everyone’s attention. Walker started out with deep guttural growls that turned into high pitched shrieks. His vocals touching all the notes in between. He ran from side to side, constantly moving and head banging.

He never stood still except to play his synthesizer and even then he is still a ball of energy. The rest of the band tends to stay where they started. “Thank you for having us! It’s great to be back! You guys have the best regional hotdog in Tucson, I don’t know what you have up here. We have one song left” said Walker. His showmanship and interaction with the audience never falters. The audience screams so loud that they could be heard over the music; their headbanging is so intense that they begin to hit others with their head and one fan hit the speakers! As their set ended, Walker said to the audience and screaming fans “thank you! Thank you for having us, we’ll be back!”

It was time for the first co-headliner to hit the stage! The third band to go onto the stage was The Acacia Strain, a deathcore band from Chicopee, Massachusetts. The band is formed by the following members: Vincent Bennett-vocals, Kevin Boutot-drums, Devin Shidaker-guitar/backing vocals, Griffin Landa-bass, and Mike Mulholland-guitar.

The crowd went nuts, everyone was screaming their heads off. As the band began to play Bennett told the crowd to come onto the stage and stage dive. That invitation lead to a sea of chaos and pleasure! Everyone who wanted to have the “5 minutes” of glory with the band jumped onto the stage and tried to stage dive but the security for The Nile was even quicker. They were able to grab 90% of the stage divers. Everyone was living their best life and the members of The Acacia Strain really knew how to bring the energy to the stage. Bennett was running and jumping all over the stage and throwing water onto the crowd. Everyone ate their performance up.

The last co-headliner was about to take to the stage. The audience pushed each other farther up so they could be as close to the stage as possible, leaving the fans up front trapped. That didn’t stop anyone from smiling and enjoying the night. Fit For An Autopsy took to the stage! Fit For An Autopsy is a deathcore bands that hails from Jersey City, New Jersey. The band is made up by member Pat Sheridan-guitars/backing vocals, Will Putney-guitars, Josean Orta–drums, Tim Howley-guitars, Joe Badolato-lead vocals and Peter “Blue” Spinazola-bass.

The minute they got onto the stage and began to play the screaming and shouting . The bands every guy was spectacular and the band interacted with the fans.  Not as many fans stage dive for this set but everyone was throwing up the devil horns and singing along to every song with Badolato.

Badolato integrated with the fans in between songs. He said “thank you for coming! Mesa tonight is special! I have my whole fucking family here! My fucking grandma is here, watching me for the first time. Guess what! Grandma smokes weeeeeed! That is so fucking tight! Thank you so much Mesa for making tonight so fucking special!” They continued their set with the high energy and movement. Every area of the stage was used.

Finally it came to the end of the show and they announced their last song of the night would be “Far From Heaven”. After the set ended the crowd kept chanting for one more but unfortunately due to it being a co-headlining tour there wasn’t enough room for an extra song. The crowd left happy and buzzing with energy and the merchandise  lines continued to grow after the show was over.

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