Puddle of Mudd Entices Fans at The Marquee in Tempe, AZ

have you ever been to a concert where the music took you on a tour of the decades?! Well tonight’s show was just that taking us from hard rock, to 80s glam metal to post/grunge!

The first band to take the stage for the night was an Arizona local band called Soundmankillz. The frontman instantly brings to take control of the stage. His energy is contagious and people in the crowd begin to scream and shout. Trying to match his energy as he runs all about the stage and jumps onto the boxes infront of the stage.  Their sound was reminiscent of Three Days Grace, full of energy, good heavy beats, a really great way to start the show.

The singer was also very interactive with the crowd pausing between songs to talk to the audience. At one point he came down from the stage and hugged people who were standing at the barricade. The singer addressed the audience for the final time and he said  “This is the last one of the night!…I said this is the last one of the night! I know doesn’t it suck?! But we have to leave room for the rest of the bands. We are Soundmankillz and this one is called ‘She’” Then they began to finish their set.

The second band, Color of Chaos, began to do their quick sound check before they start performing. Color of Chaos is another Arizona local band. This quartet is very reminiscent of glam/hair metal and 80s rock. The singer came out dawning leather pants, a leather vest and platform goth boots. The bassist had the most unique instrument of the night, a Night of the Living Dead themed bass. The band opened their set up with their song called “Hollywood” followed by “ Crucified”. 

The drummer was the most fun to watch during the performance. He would twirl his drum sticks and big movements that caught the eye. Many people in the audience sang along with the band. The band also threw two shirts to the crowd and a handful of guitar picks.  The drummer then interacted with the audience and got the whole crowd to clap along to their playing. This set was a really fun one to be a part of.

The evening was starting to wind down but it wasn’t over yet. The audience had grown significantly as the show progressed. Then house lights dimmed and the stage was black as the house audio faded out and “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” began to play. The stage lights came on and out came Puddle of Mudd! Puddle of Mudd is a post-grunge/nu metal rock band from Kansas City, Missouri that formed in 1992. The band is made up by Wes Scantlin-vocals/guitar, Dave Moreno-drums/vocals, Matt Fuller-guitar/vocals and Michael John Adams-bass/vocals.

The band began to play their song “Psycho” from their album Famous that came out in 2007. Every member in the audience could be seen singing along. This song is one of their anthems that everyone loves and knows. As the band played, Adam’s and Fuller can be seen moving back and forth on the stage and even doing little playing solos to each other towards the back of the stage. You can see how much music means to these men as they play. Their passion and love for music is easily seen and contagious. They continued their set with “She Hates Me”, “Stoned” and “Famous” to name a few songs. Everyone loved their performance and showmanship was something fun that everyone loved. The whole time people were singing, screaming and cheering along!

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