Kingsmen played hometown show on their Bones Don’t Lie Tour

Kingsmen played a hometown show at Alchemy in Providence, RI on their Bones Don’t Lie tour with supporting bands Rise Among Rivals and Zone Zero.The first band to start off the night was a local opener, Hemingway. It was an early start for a show and a Tuesday night but the Rhode Island based metal band did their best to give the smaller early crowd high energy and put their all into their performance. Vocalist Eddie was off the stage their entire set, using some of the open space to mosh and move during his unclean vocals and in between. The in your face approach matched their heavy sound and meaningful lyrics.

Next up was the next local opener, Dead Reflections hit the stage. The band was down a member, stating in between songs that their guitar player unfortunately couldn’t make the show and they decided the show must go on so they were backtracking the guitar for the performance. The band gave high energy despite there being only three members on stage, their female bass player doing the most to use the stage, bouncing from side to side. Their vocalist brought the same level of high energy. The band performed with a flair and made an impact on the room. The slowly filling room was cheering for them at the end of all their songs. It was the perfect send off to the touring bands that would play next.

The first touring band to take the stage was Zone Zero. The band did their best to wake up the crowd even before they started their first song, demanding the fans to come closer to the stage and asking them to bring the energy with moshing and headbanging. All five members were visibly feeling the music as soon as they started playing, guitar and bass players headbanging in unison with the first few chords and vocalist standing on the edge of the stage to scream right at the crowd. The high energy music matched their stage presence. Their sound and performance were both winning over the crowd. The Columbus, OH based band left it all stage and made new fans with their performance.

Rise Among Rivals was the next touring band, the last before the headliner. This band was unique because all four members, including the drummer, all take turns singing in at least some of their songs. It was noticeable that there was three microphones at the front of the stage, but as the performance went on, it was clear there was a lead singer but the other three members took turns at backing vocals or features. It was a unique touch that most bands do not have. Despite all members having to multi-task at some point, nobody missed a beat or note and they still captivated the audience with their energy to match their songs. Their music got the crowd moving and dancing. There was clearly many fans of the music, newer and already existing.

It was finally time for the hometown headliner, Kingsmen. The Rhode Island based band clearly had many fans and friends there in support. On this tour, vocalist, Tanner Guimond and guitar player, Tim Lucier are both unable to attend most of the shows but thankfully were able to be present for the hometown show. Thankfully to let this tour still happen, they have friends Mark Morales filling in on vocals and John Krukiel filling in on guitar.

The band started with John on guitar for the first couple of songs. The whole band started with high energy, moving and making the most that they could of the small stage. Bass player Adam was moving from side to side around vocalist Tanner, to play with both guitarists and also to the crowd. John and Nick both swapped side and kept moving around the stage as much as they could also.

For the second half of their set, the band’s guitar player Tim came to the stage and swapped places with John. The band played their songs such as “Diamondize” and “Trial by Fire”. Vocalist Tanner gave a shout out to Mark and had him join on stage for a feature. Their last song of the night was “Sad but True”, a Metillca cover. The band’s fans sang along to their originals and cover just the same, danced and headbanged throughout the set. It was clear that Rhode Island was excited for a hometown show after quite the wait.

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