Tejon Street Corner Thieves Brings the Party To Tempe

When you think of alternative music, the banjo and folk music would not cross your mind. Tonight’s set of bands bring creativity and unique lyrics and banjo sounds that transform alternative music into a new work of art.

The first artists to hit the stage was Jacob Tonka Marrill. He is a solo banjo player. He was dressed in a long sleeve black band shirt and what looked like to be tan Carhart overalls. As he got onto the stage the audience, mostly made up of his friends at the moment, began to scream. Everyone was excited to get this show on the road! As he played his banjo he sang songs. At one point he asked the audience if they liked songs about murder. Everyone clapped and cheered as he continued. As his set progressed he began to forget the words of one of his songs but he didn’t let that stop him from continuing his set and entertaining the crowd. Everyone cheered for him as his set began to wind down.

The second band was set to rock the stage. Them Coulee Boys are a punk/bluegrass/ fold band from Eau Claire , Wisconsin. The band was founded by Soren Staff-guitar/vocals and Beau Janke-bass/vocals. Sirens brother Jens then joined the band, he plays the mandolin. Neil Krause-bass and Stas Hable-drums joined the band a little while later. Thus creating the lineup of the band we all know and love. As they get into the stage and begin to play their music is energetic and lively. It’s bringing smiles to everyone’s faces as they listen. This is their first ever show in Arizona!

Soren then announces to the audience that he has a ton of family here tonight. Everyone claps and cheers as they continue to play their set. Soren then announced that him and Krause are distant cousins and they just found out after playing together for seven years. He asks Krause how he feels and he relied “it’s weird that we kissed!” The audience roared in laughter. Them coulee boys  really know how to entertain their audience. Their energy is so contagious and older couple began to dance together, many people awed in happiness at the cuteness the couple was exuding.

Soren then asked the  “Do you wanna hear a brand new song?!”and the audience responded with yes! They began to play their new song and everyone ate up each not and lyric that was presented. Them Coulee Boys was a great start to open up for the final act of the night!

The night was winding down but the crowd was still growing and it was filling up the small room at Yucca Tap Room. The final band, Tejon Street Corner Thieves took to the stage. Tejon Street Corner Thieves are an outlaw alternative-folk band from Colorado. The trio began their set by talking to the crowd. The apologized for being very particular on how their sound sounds, and then they made a joke about how they bought all acoustic instruments only to be anal about how they sound. The fans did not care, they clapped and cheered in anticipation.

Finally the band began to play and they opened their set with “All We Need”. Everyone in the crowd sang along and danced as the band played. Everyone was smiling and laughing, including the band. In between songs the band told stories. One of the most notable was when they talked about their mushroom and drug/alcohol trips. Everyone laughed and some people divulged their own stories. This bonding turned into a group huddle chant. Everyone came in close to the band and put their hands in and counted to three before they broke.

The night was filled with laughter, stories and amazing music that left everyone feeling over joyed and euphoric. Tejon Street Corner Thieves is a band that everyone should experience at least once in their lives, you will never regret witnessing one of their performances.


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