Life Of Agony Celebrates 30 Years Of River Runs Red At A Sold Out Wally’s In Hampton Beach, NH

On an offseason night in Hampton Beach, NH while the beach scene was quiet however that was not the case at Wally’s.As soon as the doors opened to Wally’s the fans started piling in. Before long the place was packed with fans eagerly awaiting for the night to start. The first band to hit the stage was none other then Coventry Carols. They are a three piece band that had a rough start but are finally getting to do bigger and better shows.  With two years of hard work and dedication and help from Guitarist Joey Z of Life of Agony, they recorded, created merch and the end result is their self-titled album due to be released in May 2023. Even though their set was short they really got the fans pumped and ready for the remainder of the night. The fans were vibing with the music.

After a short break, the next band of the night was Sick Of It All. They are an American hardcore punk band from Queens, New York City. The band consists of brothers Lou Koller on Vocals,  Pete Koller on guitar, Armand Majidion drums, and Craig Setari on bass. From the moment the band hit the stage they came out with tons of energy and got the crowd extremely rividing. There were mosh pits forming, fans jumping, screaming and having a blast.

The crowd was trying to match the energy from the stage. Guitarist Pete Koller was the one to watch as he was seen throught out the night doing kicks, jumping with the guitar, moving in to play near the crowd, and moving all around the stage. He was getting the venue electrified with his charasmatic antics. By mid performance the crowd had completely taken over the venue and was amped up and completely insane. They put on an amazing performance. If you are unfamiliar with them you need to check them out live. They will not disappoint. They will make you want more.

Final band of the evening was non other then 90’s hardcore metal band from Brooklyn, New York City Life of Agony. The band consists of lead vocalist Mina Caputo (formerly known as Keith Caputo,) bassist Alan Robert, guitarist Joey Zampella (Joey Z) and guitarist Veronica Bellino. The band become popular with the fans from the iconic River Runs Red album released in 1993. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the album release.

On this particular tour they are playing the River Runs Red album in its entirety. As the band entered the stage, with the prelude of “Hey You” by Pink Floyd playing they were seen waving to the fans and saying hello to many friends they had in attendance.
To start their set was the first song off the album “This Time” and “Underground.” Fans were pumped and were singing so loud to the words that Lead vocalist Mina could hardly be heard. Fans knew every word and were screaming and jumping around with fists in the air.

Fans could hear the interlude of ‘Monday” playing through the speakers and they were loving every second while reciting all the lines. They were giggling and enjoying themselves remembering what it was like hearing it back in their high school days.
They continued on with the album songs including “River Runs Red,” “Through and Through,” and “Words And Music,” followed by another interlude of “Thursday.”

At one point, Caputo came to the mic and addressed the crowd stating to the parents in the crowd that if they have any transgender kids, let them grow up and become adults first before they make any major body altering decisions. The crowd really seemed to appreciate and respect what Caputo said. They gave Caputo a round of appaluse for the respect he had to come to the mic and state this in front of them.

They continued their set with the remaining songs from River Runs Red album including “Bad Seed,” “My Eyes,” “Respect,” “Method Of Groove,” and “The Stain Remains.”
During the night Mina was playing with the photographers and were joking that they take millions of photos but only send us one or two. The crowd laughed. Caputo then turned to one of the photographers and grabbed his camera and started taking picutres of the band members and then turned the camera on themself.

They rounded out their night with songs from of their other albums which included, “Scars,” “Lost At 22,” “I Regret,” and “Weeds” If you have not seen a Life of Agony show you need to go and witness them live. They put on an amazing show and have the fans hooked from the first note. The fans know every word to every song and drown out Caputo on most songs. They bring tons of fun and energy and are definetly worth it. They have been doing this for 30+ years and still have a blast and can still rock the stage.


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