Silverstein played a sold out show at the Webster Theatre

Silverstein played a sold out show at the Webster Theatre in Hartford, CT with support of bands Dayseeker, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, and One Step Closer.
The first band to hit the stage this night was the straight edge melodic hardcore band One Step Closer. The Pennsylvania band was the first to kick off the night on this tour, they had the job of waking up the packed room of the sold out crowd first and get them ready for the rest of the show. Their energy did not lack with their performance. Vocalist Ryan Savitski moved all around the stage, jumping around and demanding the attention of the crowd. The rest of the band matched Ryan’s high energy with big smiles as they moved and played their music. One Step Closer isn’t as widely known as the headliner band but held their own, winning over the crowd.

Next up was SeeYouSpaceCowboy. The band walked out to ‘Space Cowboy (Yippie‐Yi‐Yay) by Nsync’ playing through the radio in the venue, poking fun of their own name. As soon as the members were on stage, the music quickly switched to their own music. This band is an unexpected twist in this lineup and their sound hit you right in the face as soon as the first song started. The band’s high energy matched their big sound. The band’s vocalist Connie Sgarbossa commands attention from the crowd with her unique look and stage presence. Ethan, Taylor, and Timmy on guitar and bass were also high energy just like the music. The band’s self proclaimed sass-core style of music made the crowd move, there was fans in the crowd that were jumping, moshing, dancing and singing along to the music. It was clear that SeeYouSpaceCowboy had won Hartford by the end of their set.

The next band may not have been a headliner of the tour but the fans were clearly in full force for this band, there was screams and cheers as Dayseeker took the stage before the music even started. The crowd loudly and clearly sang along to the opening songs “Dreamstate” and “Crooked Soul”. Rory’s vocals were smooth as butter and somehow sounded even more beautiful live.

The band was dressed in matching black suits, looking sharp. Touring drummer Zac Mayfield had glitter sparkling around his eyes. The band made a visual impact along with their sound. There was moments where the band poked fun of themselves, like Rory saying “We’re gonna play some more sad songs” right before singing arguably their saddest song of all, ‘Burial Plot’. The rest of the band’s setlist was a mix of music from their last two albums, nine songs that passed by very quickly even with audience participation and heartfelt moments as well.

There was a touching moment in between songs where Rory took a moment to reminisce about the first time they had played at this same venue; telling the crowd they had played the smaller room, Webster Underground, and the room was hardly filled. Raising his hands up, a big smile on his face looking out to the fans, he thanked the fans for selling the show out and explained how he was so thankful to be playing to a sold out show there.

Now it was finally time for the headliners of the night, Silverstein. Any fans of the emo, pop-punk, rock movement of the early 2000s should definitely know who this band is with their famous hits such as ‘Smile in Your Sleep’ and ‘Massachusetts’, both which the band had played later in the night during their set. Silverstein walked out to just as many cheers and screams as Dayseeker, fans even more excited to see the headliner, the reason why most of the fans probably came. The band’s experience of over two decades shows, they are comfortable and at home on the stage and don’t miss a single beat or note.

The band started the night with some newer songs off their latest album, Misery Made Me. The first song of the night to open the set was one of their latest hit singles “Ultraviolet”, followed up by another new hit, “Burn It Down”. The crowd sang along loudly, dancing, waving their hands in the air, some crowd surfers even starting early in the first few songs.

Vocalist Shane, spoke to the crowd in between songs every so often. Playfully making jabs at the area, saying he hoped everyone locked their cars, the New England crowd laughed at the remark. Other time he mentioned they were going to throw it back with some older songs and mentioned the year one of the songs came out, 2009, a reminder how long their music has truly been around, that not even being their real start. Their setlist of the night was a balanced mix of new and old songs, songs spanning throughout their whole discography. They even threw a cover in, ‘One Step Closer’ originally by Linkin Park. Even their two song encore was a mix of old and new. Their sound live is just as tight as their recorded albums, seeing them live is never a disappointment. With their discography and songs having such range, the show is always fun from start to finish and goes by quickly.

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