Queensrÿche Delivers at The Palladium In Worcester, MA

Fans of Worcester were fortunate to witness Queensrÿche again for the second time in less then a year.

To start the evening off the first band of the night was an American heavy metal band that formed in 1981 Trauma. The band is best known for having bassist Cliff Burton in its initial lineup, who would later leave the band to join Metallica.
The band ended up having a long hiatus in 1985 but re-established back in 2013.  The original lead singer Donny Hiller was the main focus of the group and he died in 2020 and was replaced by current lead vocalist Bryan Allen in 2021.  The current band now consists of Kris Gustafson (drums) , Steve Robello (bass), Brian Allen (vocals) , Michael Spencer (bass)  and Casey Trask as their touring guitarist.

They played a mix of songs off their Awakening Album. Some of these included,  “Meat,” “The River Red,” and “Walk Away.” They got the crowd pumped and ready for the rest of the night to come. They ended their set with “Death Of An Angel,”

The next performer of the night was none of than legendary American Guitarist Marty Friedman. He is best known for his tenure as the lead guitarist for the metal band Megadeth from 1990-2000. He also played alongside Jason Becker in Cacophony from 1986-1989.  Marty has since resided in Tokyo, Japan since 2003, and has appeared in over 700 television shows.

He opened his set with “Stigmata Addiction.” The fans were pumped to listen to an all instrumental band. After a few songs Marty comes to the Mic and says  “Worcester, Worcester, Worcester. Am I the first guy to pronounce your town correct?
They played a few more songs “Paradise Express,” and “Dragon Mistress.”
The drummer was seen standing on the drums multiple times during the performance. They got the crowd on their feet. They played an amazing set and fans loved every minute.

The final band of the evening was American heavy metal band, Queensryche.  The band consists of Michael Wilton, (guitar) Eddie Jackson, (bass) Todd La Torre, (Vocals) Casey Grillo,(drums), and Mike Stone. (guitar) They have sold over 20 million albums worldwide including 6 million in the United States. They are considered to fans as part of the “Big Three.” They released their newest albums in 2022 called Digital Noise Alliance.

They opened their set with “Behind The Walls.” They had the crowd moving from the moment they started playing. The fans were jumping and singing to all the words of the songs.

They continued their set with songs which included, “Don’t Look Back,” Spreading The Disease,” “Light Years,” and “Sicdeath.”The crowd was on their feet the entire night and could feel the energy from the band as they played. They put on an amazing performance.

They rounded out the night with “Empire,” “My Empty Room,” and Eyes Of A Stranger,” The fans were screaming for one more song. The band took a short break and came back on and for the first time since 1985 played the song “Deliverance.” They ended with “Queen Of The Reich,” and “Roads To Madness,”



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