August Burns Red plays a packed show at The Palladium in Worcester, MA

August Burns Red headlined a packed show at The Palladium in Worcester, MA with support from bands Bleed From Within and The Devil Wears Prada.
First up, was the band Bleed From Within. The Scottish heavy metal band packed a punch from the moment they got onto the stage. They opened with their song “I Am Damnation” and the crowd was clearly a fan of the song with multiple crowdsurfers not missing a beat. The band was high energy, all members moving around the stage, flipping their hair around and demanding the crowd’s attention. The vocalist had a heartfelt moment in between songs, he spoke about how they were from Scotland and this was their first US tour after 17 years of being a band. He also mentioned he had been looking forward to playing this particular venue because of the live Killswitch Engage DVD. By the crowd’s reaction, it was very clear that they were fans of Bleed From Within and would want them to tour in the US again.

The next band up was The Devil Wears Prada (not to be confused by the movie with the same title). The Ohio based band is no stranger to playing at The Palladium, clearly they keep coming back because of the fans reactions because they were just as excited as ever to see them. The band formed in 2005 has changed their sound over the years, changes and evolution over time does not change their history and evergrowing fanbase. The band played newer songs off their last album such as “Salt” and “Watchtower”. New and old fans alike were crowdsurfing, singing and screaming the lyrics along, moshing, dancing and everything else in between. The band puts on a great live show and the fans make it obvious they appreciate them playing this area so often over the years.

Tonight was a shorter show than most metal lineups but it was perfect for people who may not want to be out longer, especially perfect for the Sunday night it was on. The crowd was warmed up with the two heavy hitter openers but it was time for the headliners – August Burns Red. The band also gave a nod to their “Chop Suey!” cover by playing it over the radio before their set. The crowd was prepped and ready to go, the singing along to the song filling the whole venue. Their lighting and stage setup already made a big impression even before the band hit the stage and played their music. The bright lights filled the venue, strobing in the different colors to the beat of the music and making the show a whole experience.

The band sounded just like their albums live, never missing a note or beat even high energy performances on stage and demanding attention from the crowd. The crowd was clearly loving their set from the start to end, the rest of the show was filled with so many hits and new singles, such as “Ancestry”, “Backfire” and “Mariana’s Trench”. The crowd had high energy and response all night but it hit an all time high for August Burns Red. The night ended with an encore that included a special drum solo and two more hit songs. Massachusetts definitely wants more August Burns Red shows based on this night.

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