Aly & AJ headline the MGM Music Hall at Fenway, in Boston, MA

Pop duo Aly & AJ headline the new MGM Music Hall at Fenway venue in Boston, MA with support from singer Miya Folick.
To warm up the crowd before the headliner of the night, indie pop singer/songwriter Miya Folick started the show off. Miya is less of a household name than the duo headlining this night, so it was the first impression for at least some of the room. The stripped back sound of Miya playing guitar, sometimes acoustic, and only a keyboard as other music as instrumentals truly let her voice shine. Her soft and unique voice filled the venue and was enough to give you goosebumps. There was heartfelt lyrics, shared with some extra words in between songs to share some extra insight on the meanings of the songs. Most of the songs were on the softer and slower side but there was also a couple of more upbeat songs for the crowd to dance to. It was a more subdued set due to the style of the music but the crowd was very appreciative of the unique songs and voice Miya has.

Then it was time for the headliners of the night – Aly & AJ. The pop/rock duo consisting of sisters Aly Michalka and AJ Michalka were household names in the 2000s with their early albums such as Into the Rush, Acoustic Hearts of Winter, and Insomniatic. The duo took a hiatus from music to pursue other endeavors, such as acting on such shows like iZombie, for about a decade. This tour was to support and showcase their latest album, With Love From, released this year.

The duo may be a household name, played on the radio and media over the years, but that still may not prepare you for seeing them live. The sisters vocals live were softer and had more of a unique tone than expected listening to their music. As most musicians the best you can expect is for them to sound just like their studio albums, this pair actually sounds even better live. The blonde sisters played many songs off their album the tour was named after, such as “With Love From”, “Sunchoke”, and “Love You This Way”.

Their biggest hit to this day is undoubtedly, “Potential Breakup Song”, which the sisters had recently revamped with a new version of the song they had released. The crowd went to a different level when the new version of the song was played lived, the crowd singing along heard through the entire venue. There was some other older hits sprinkled into the set also, like an acoustic adaption of their song “Like Whoa”. The night was a perfect balance of their discography throughout the years, ending with a two song encore of new tracks.

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